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Common issues

I need help with Adobe Connect for mobile.

How can I resolve a connection problem?

Use the Connection Test utility to troubleshoot connection problems. Inside the meeting room, choose Help > Troubleshooting to run the test. For more information on connection problems, see Troubleshoot connectivity | Adobe Connect.

What are the training options available to users?

Check out the list of available training events and register for the one relevant to you.

Why install the Adobe Connect application for desktop before sharing screen?

The application for desktop is required for screen sharing, recording conversion, and file sharing. See application for desktop.

Why doesn't a meeting open in Chrome or another browser?

Flash is not enabled in browsers by default or there can be sandboxing issues. To attend a meeting in a browser, see Attend meetings in browsers.


How do I create my own Adobe Connect room?

You create a meeting room in Adobe Connect Central.

Can I sign up for a free trial of Adobe Connect?

Yes. You can try Adobe Connect before you commit to a subscription. If you have been invited to an Adobe Connect meeting, you don't need a trial account. Simply click the meeting link you received.

Can I download the Adobe Connect application before a meeting starts?

Yes. Users are encouraged to install the application in advance and run pre-meeting diagnostic test for a smooth meeting experience. Learn more about the application for desktop.

Can I restrict who can join my Adobe Connect room?

Yes. You have several options for controlling who can join your meeting. From inside your Adobe Connect meeting room, choose Meeting > Manage Access and Entry, and then choose one of the options from the submenu. You can also manage meeting participants from Adobe Connect Central.

How do I set up Adobe Connect Central for my organization?

Audio & video

Can I use Adobe Connect for video conferencing?

Yes. Choose Pods > Video Telephony, and then click Open Stream. Learn more about setting up video in meetings.

How do I mute my microphone?

Click the microphone button on the menu bar to toggle your microphone on and off. Or, choose Mute My Microphone from the menu next to the microphone button. Learn more about audio in meetings.

Why can't I play back a recording on my tablet?

Meeting recordings are created in Flash, which is not supported on many mobile devices. Learn how to convert a meeting recording to MP4 format, so it can be replayed on a mobile device.

Where is my meeting recording?

When you record a meeting, the recording is assigned a unique URL and is stored on the Recordings tab for the meeting room in Connect Central. Learn how to play back a recorded meeting and how to share a recording with others.

Advanced content

Where can I get help with my Adobe Connect On-Premise deployment?

How can I customize or automate the Adobe Connect environment?

Learn more about developing with Adobe Connect in the Adobe Connect Developer Center.

Can I use Connect as an LMS?

Yes. Learn how to integrate Adobe Captivate and Adobe Connect to use Adobe Connect as your Learning Management System (LMS).

How do I set up an event or seminar?

Learn how to use the Event wizard to create an event or use the Seminar wizard to create a seminar.

I need info on managing Adobe Connect.

Account management

How can I recover my password?

If you get an invalid user or password error, you can easily reset your password by clicking the Forgot Your Password link.

How can I change my credit card info?

You can update your credit card and other billing information from your Manage Subscription page. Go to the Adobe Connect online store, and then enter your order number and order password to access your account.

My trial expires soon. What happens to my meeting room?

When your trial expires, sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to retain your meeting room. For more information, see the Adobe Connect FAQ.

How do I cancel my account?

In Adobe Connect Central, choose Administration > Service Plan > Change Service Plan > Cancel Your Plan. You can also cancel your subscription from the Adobe Connect online store. Simply enter your order number and order password to access your account. Get more information about managing your Adobe Connect account in the Adobe Connect FAQ.

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