Draw intuitive paths and shapes using the Curvature Tool

The Curvature tool lets you draw and edit paths and shapes using smooth and anchor points.

  1. Click the Curvature tool   or press Shift + ~. 

  2. Click anywhere on the artboard to set the first point. Click again to create a second point. A line segment is created. Now, move the pointer to preview the resulting path.

  3. Click further to add points and create a shape. Close the path to complete the shape. 

  4. To draw straight lines by adding corner points, press and hold Option (macOS) or Alt (Windows) and click.

  5. Edit smooth and corner points:

    • Click anywhere on the path to continue adding points to the existing path, or click the point and press Delete to remove it.
    • Drag the point to move it. 
    • Double-click any point to toggle between a corner point and a smooth point.
    • Press Esc to stop drawing.
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