Troubleshoot Open Closed Eyes feature issues

Issues | Cross framing of face recognition

When two faces are close to each other in a photo, the facial recognition frames can cross each other. If you try to correct closed eyes of both the people in the photo, the eyes of the first person are not corrected properly.


Do the following to avoid the issue:

  1. Fix the eyes of one person in the photo at a time.

  2. Close the Open Closed Eyes dialog.

  3. Relaunch the Open Closed Eyes dialog.

  4. Fix the eyes of the other person in the photo.

Issue | Face detection issues

The face detection does not work properly for the Open Closed Eyes feature in following scenarios:

  • Orientation of the face is not straight.
  • Some part of the face is cropped or covered.
  • Face is not properly illuminated.

The output of the Open Closed Eyes feature can be inconsistent if the subject in the source or reference images is wearing glasses.


Do the following before correcting the closed eyes in a photo:

  • Use straightening tools to straighten the image. For more information on straightening a photo, see Straighten an image.
  • Avoid cropping or covering part of face of the subject in your photos.
  • Adjust brightness and exposure of the face in the image. For more information, see Adjust shadow and light.


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