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Reading this article on an iPad? Install Tutorial Player for Photoshop.

Are you new to Photoshop? Do you get stuck using tutorials? Do you have trouble fitting everything on your screen? If so, the Adobe Tutorial Player for Photoshop is for you. Tutorial Player for Photoshop is an interactive iPad app that tracks your progress as you complete tutorial steps in Photoshop. It helps when you get stuck, and can even control Photoshop from your iPad.


Set up Tutorial Player and Photoshop to talk to each other

Photoshop tutorial player Set up remote connection

1. Open Photoshop CC.

2. Choose Edit > Remote Connections from the menu bar. This dialog box was modified slightly in the latest Photoshop CC update, so it's possible that your screen doesn't match the image exactly.

3. Select Enable Remote Connections. 

4. Specify a server name (for example MyPSServer) and a password.


Write down the IPV4 address, if displayed. You could need it later, depending on your wireless network settings.

5. Click OK.

6. Restart Photoshop.


To control Photoshop from the iPad, make sure that both devices are on the same wireless network.

Install the Tutorial Player iPad app

  1. Install Adobe Tutorial Player from the App Store.
  2. Start Tutorial Player.
  3. Tap the PS icon in the upper-right corner.
Tutorial player Tap PS icon

  1. If you see your Photoshop server, select it and enter your password. Skip to step 7.
Tutorial player Connection window

  1. If you don't see your Photoshop server, tab New to create a connection.
  2. Specify the server name or IP Address (from the Remote Connections dialog).
Tutorial player Log on to server

  1. Specify the password.
  2. Tab Connect.

Drive interactive Photoshop learning from Tutorial Player

Once Tutorial Player connects to Photoshop, choose a tutorial. When the tutorial starts, you can do the steps yourself (Tutorial Player scrolls automatically, as you complete each step). Or, you can tap the Show Me button to watch the tutorial unfold in Photoshop.

Tutorial player Tap the Show Me button


  • Can I get Tutorial Player on my iPhone?
    No. Tutorial Player is available only on the iPad.
  • Is Tutorial Player available on Android devices?
    Not at this time.
  • What version of Photoshop do I need to use Adobe Tutorial Player for Photoshop?
    Adobe Tutorial Player for Photoshop works with Photoshop CS5.1, CS6, and CC.
  • I followed all the steps but I can't connect Tutorial Player to Photoshop. What am I doing wrong?
    • Double-check that your iPad is connected to the Internet via WiFi. If your iPad is connected to the Internet via the cellular network (3G, 4G, and so on), you can't connect Tutorial Player to Photoshop.
    • Ensure that your iPad is on the same wireless network as the computer running Photoshop. Some public networks do not allow devices to connect to each other. So, if you are connected to the Internet at a hotel or a coffee shop, you may not be able to connect Tutorial Player to Photoshop. Also, if your computer is behind a firewall (for example, at work), you may not be able to connect.
    • Ensure that the Photoshop Remote Connections dialog box is closed.
    • The Troubleshoot companion app connectivity page, while not intended for Tutorial Player, describes similar issues, some of which may help you get connected.
  • The Service Name that I specified in the Remote Connections dialog box in Photoshop does not appear under the available Connections in Tutorial Player. What should I do?
    In some cases, the Service Name doesn't appear automatically in Tutorial Player. Create a connection in Tutorial Player by manually entering the IP address as described in Steps 5-8 of the Install the Tutorial Player iPad App instructions above.
  • I still can't connect.
    If you still can't connect, post to the Tutorial Player forum and we will try to help you out. Be as specific as possible: include the OS, public/private/home WiFi, and so on.
  • Who contributed to Tutorial Player?
    Tutorial Player was inspired by several research efforts with collaborators from Adobe Research, UC Berkeley, University of Tokyo, University of Washington, and Microsoft Research. Two related projects on generating tutorials by demonstration and creating content-adaptive photo manipulation macros originated at UC Berkeley. Another related project on interactive video tutorials was done in collaboration with researchers at the University of Washington and Microsoft Research.
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