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Motion Graphics templates requirements

This page provides an outline of Motion Graphics templates and provides contact information for potential contributors.

Motion Graphics templates are useful for the entire video community. For novice users, templates provide high quality, ready-made content to help their creative endeavors shine. For seasoned creatives, Motion Graphics templates serve as an efficient tool that saves time, provides inspiration, and exposes new workflows. Templates showcase best practices, so users can effectively explore options and build upon their skills. Interested in becoming a Motion Graphics Templates Contributor? Review our full guidelines here and get in touch with us at with your reel for consideration. Do not send any templates for testing before your reel or portfolio has been reviewed.

If you would like to see examples of how files are correctly set up for acceptance, check out these free Motion Graphics templates. For more inspiration, check out these paid Motion Graphics templates. Jumpstart your creativity with templates for design and motion apps.

Note: Contributors uploading Motion Graphics templates to Adobe Stock cannot upload via the Contributor portal at this time. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please submit your reel or portfolio for consideration to

What to submit. 

  • Titles: Simple text and graphics on an alpha background (provides transparency) and/or a full screen graphics with text and showstopping backgrounds.
  • Lower Thirds: A graphic overlay with text in the lower left, center, right part of the screen.
  • Logo Reveals: Short intro animation for logos.
  • Motion Effects: An animated graphic that enhances a video clip (fire, zaps, smoke, lens flares).
  • Transitions: Short animation that dynamically moves a video clip to another with options to change direction, or multiple animation styles.
  • Slideshows: Presentation of images or video that transition in and out in a visually interesting way that tells a mini story.
  • Backgrounds:  A showstopping animated graphic, often loopable, that does not feature text.
  • Motion Overlays: Stylized filters or frames that are overlaid on top of footage in your timeline.
  • Infographics: Animations that show data, like circle charts, bar charts, location, and more

Basic Guidelines. 

Templates must meet the following requirements and guidelines in order to be accepted into our collection:

App-specific guidelines:

What's required in each submission? 

A ZIP package that contains the following three files: 

  • A single template file: must be saved in .morgt format 300Mb file size limit
  • Thumbnail image: must be named Thumbnail.jpg 

    Width: 1920px

    Height: 1080px

  • Preview video: must be exported in.mp4 format 

    Width: 1920px

    Height: 1080px

See the Submission Guidelines for Adobe Stock Motion Templates for more details.

The review process. 

Files are evaluated based on this criteria:

  • Legal standards: Adhering to our IP & Legal guidelines
  • Technical qualities: Is your motion template optimized for easy use and does it adhere to our specs?
  • Metadata: Are titles and keywords accurate and is the form correct?
  • Commercial value: Is your submission usable in the current marketplace?
  • Aesthetic properties: Is your motion template up to date with graphic and color trends?
  • Similarity: Is the content too similar to another Stock motion template or something you have already submitted?


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