Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 13
Bug ID Description Component
CF-4198947 CFGrid scripting options do not work as expected. AJAX : UI Components
CF-4198854 A pie chart does not get displayed with only one item (100%). Charting/Graphing
CF-4199231 Cfchart's url attribute renders static a value instead of dynamic. Charting/Graphing
CF-4198764 When loading the template for the first time after applying update, the template displays the CFTOKEN, however, with the second refresh the token disappears. Core Runtime : Session Management
CF-4198761 On a Linux OS, cfdocument does not generate chart in a pdf. Document Management : PDF generation
CF-4198615 Using cfindex, you may encounter a Java Heap Space OutOfMemoryError. Performance
CF-4198570 The datefield attribute in cfinput does not display the value of the attribute. CFForm : HTML
CF-4195407 cfinput type="datefield" generates invalid HTML code. CFForm