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Dreamweaver 13.2 addresses issues related to Code View performance and Stability. In addition, Print Code functionality and colored icons in the Files panel have been reinstated.

Code View performance improvements

The following bugs are fixed to improve the Dreamweaver performance in Code View:

  • Typing gets progressively slow as the number of lines of code increases.
  • Cursor (IP) disappears while typing and navigating in Code View.
  • Dreamweaver Crashes on closing a tag by entering </ in Code View.
  • Change the default keyboard shortcut for CTRL+LEFT to ALT+LEFT and CTRL+RIGHT to ALT+RIGHT and vice-versa.
  • On Mac 10.9, Dreamweaver crashes while selecting a file in File Dialog for Insert Image.
  • Dreamweaver displays a syntax error even if the PHP code is valid.

Print Code

Based on a number of requests from users through Wishlist and forums, the Print Code option is introduced back in Dreamweaver.

Print code option is now available on Standard toolbar, File > Print Code and the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.

Print code option on the Standard toolbar

Colored folders in File panel

Earlier versions of Dreamweaver had different colors for folders in Local view, Remote server, Testing Server, and Repository Views in Files Panel. In Dreamweaver 13.1, the color scheme changed to greyscale, and the color of the folders were changed to grey.

Since the colors of the folders are important to distinguish between the different views (Local/Remote/Testing) in the Files panel, the colored folders are now brought back into Dreamweaver.

Local view



Remote Server view



Testing Server view



Repository view



Other bug fixes

  • Issue while trying to insert <p> tag from Insert panel
  • Loc_JP: Win: Italics Japanese characters should be avoided in Dreamweaver.


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