Deploy Creative Cloud for enterprise to imaged workstations


Creative Cloud Packager is no longer in development and no updates will be provided. Also, Creative Cloud Packager cannot be used to create packages that include Creative Cloud 2019 apps or later. Learn More.

We recommend that you use the create package workflows provided in the Adobe Admin Console to create Named User Licensing packages and Shared Device Licensing packages.

Deploy Creative Cloud for enterprise software to imaged, cloned, or mirrored machines

JAMF Pro, FileWave, and other image-based deployment technologies require a few special considerations when deploying the Creative Cloud software.

Imaging, cloning, or mirroring deployment technologies

Corporations often create standardized disk images for workstations and deploy them to multiple individual machines. Use the Creative Cloud Packager to create installation files, install, and activate the software on multiple workstations.  


When creating the package within the Creative Cloud Packager, you may choose Named License, Serial Number License, or Device License from the License type drop-down list.

Important: Do not launch the software after completing the next step. The packages listed above license the products on launch. 

After creating the package for your licensing type, run the installers in the Build and Exceptions folders on the base workstation. Once the software installation completes, create an image from the base workstation.  After the image is created, you can launch the Creative Cloud software to ensure functionality.

Serial number or device licensing

If users receive a sign-in or serial number prompt when launching the software, for serial number and device licensing, the license was connected before creating the image. You can either use our Licensing Toolkit to relicense the machines or correct the base image. See the Creative Cloud Packager help to Create a License file to relicense the machines. 

Named User Licensing

Named License users are licensed on launch during the sign-in process. Verify that the users are added to the Admin Console, assigned to an appropriate Group, and the Group has product entitlements assigned, to ensure that they are properly licensed.


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