Page transitions

Page transitions display a decorative effect such as a dissolve or wipe when you’re turning pages in a document that is exported to SWF or PDF format. You can apply different transitions to different pages, or you can apply a single transition to all the pages. Page transitions are especially useful when you create a slideshow in PDF or SWF format.

Apply page transitions

You can apply page transitions to individual spreads or to all spreads in the document. Page transitions appear when you export an InDesign document to PDF or SWF format. You cannot apply transitions to different pages within the same spread or to master pages.

Page turn transition in SWF file. Click a corner of the image to view transition.

  1. In the Pages panel, select the spreads to which you want to apply the page transition.

    Make sure the spread is selected, not simply targeted. The numbers below the pages in the Pages panel should be highlighted.

  2. To display the Page Transitions panel, choose Window > Interactive > Page Transitions.

  3. Choose a Transition from the Transition menu.


    Hold the mouse pointer over the thumbnail to view an animated preview of the selected transition.

    You may wonder whether it’s necessary to select the Page Turn (SWF Only) transition to create a page curl effect in SWF file. It isn’t necessary to apply this transition to turn pages manually in the SWF file. If you select the Include Interactive Page Curl option in the Export SWF dialog box, you can either turn the pages manually by dragging a corner in the exported SWF file, or you can use arrow keys or navigation buttons to activate whatever page transition you select for that page.

  4. Customize the transition as desired by choosing options from the Direction and Speed menus.

  5. (Optional) To apply the selected transition to all spreads currently in the document, click the Apply To All Spreads icon , or choose Apply To All Spreads from the Page Transitions panel menu.

  6. (Optional) Select a different spread in the Pages panel, and apply a different page transition.

When you apply a page transition to a spread, a Page Transition icon  appears next to the spread in the Pages panel. You can hide these icons in the Pages panel by deselecting the Page Transitions option in the Panel Options dialog box.


To preview the page transitions, export the document either to PDF or SWF format.

Clear transitions

  • In the Pages panel, select the spread from which you want to clear the transition, and then choose None from the Transition menu in the Page Transition panel.

  • To remove transitions from all spreads, choose Clear Allfrom the Page Transitions panel menu.

View page transitions in a PDF

To include page transitions when you export the PDF document, select a page transition from Page Transitions menu in the Export to Interactive PDF dialog box.

To see page transitions in the exported PDF, place the PDF in Full Screen Mode by pressing Ctrl+L (Windows) or Command+L (Mac OS) in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Press Esc to exit from Full Screen Mode.

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