Troubleshoot meeting issues

Steps to try

  1. Try connecting to the meeting room from another system. If it works, then try to run the meeting test on the affected machine and provide the detailed results.
  2. If the meeting room does not open on another system, then the meeting files could be either corrupted or missing.
  3. Verify from the meeting test that the required ports for the meeting connection are open at the client machine. The required port is 1935 for RTMP, or 443 for RTMPS.
  4. Check whether there were any changes made with the meeting, or if someone attempted to delete the meeting room.
  5. Provide a date when the meeting room last worked, so that Adobe can attempt to recover it from backups.

Steps to try

  1. See if you can get into the meeting room on another machine. If another machine works, the problem could be at the affected machine.
  2. Try using ?launcher = false to see if you can get in to the meeting room.
  3. If the above step lets you enter the meeting, then try with the add-in.
  4. If the add-in gives a white page, see if an antivirus or GPO is blocking the execution of FP add-in.

Contact us with troubleshooting steps that you have taken, along with these details:

  • Meeting room URL
  • Temporary Test Login credentials to your account with at least meeting host rights
  • SCO_ID of meeting room: