IRT (Institut für Rundfunktechnik) publishes the technical guidelines and specifications of Germany’s public broadcasters. There are six MXF Profiles for HD program material as specified by ARD, ZDF, ORF and ARTE. There are presets in Adobe Media Encoder that correspond to each of these profiles. 

The IRT compliance in Media Encoder CC ensures that your content conforms with German broadcast standards. The only way to get an output from Media Encoder CC that is IRT-compliant is to use one of the six presets.

Applying an IRT preset to a media file

  1. To view the list of IRT presets, type IRT in the search bar in Preset Browser panel.

    List of IRT presets
    IRT Presets

  2. To see the settings of an IRT preset, choose a preset and click Preset Settings. Choose an appropriate encoding format.

    Preset settings
    IRT preset settings

  3. Add a media source in the Queue panel. Ensure that the media file has an IRT preset.

    Media source in queue panel
    Adding media source

  4. Click Start Queue to encode the files with IRT presets.

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