Collaborate and coedit designs

Learn how to collaboratively coedit your designs and manage design revisions.

Adobe XD powers end-to-end collaboration at every step of the design process — from editing in real time with other designers to working with developers and designers to gather feedback.  


Combined with the power of document history, you can coedit your designs with your fellow designers and eliminate duplicative work and avoid conflicting versions, all with the safety of document history. If you’re on the go, you can continue your work offline and bring the changes back into your document when you’ve reconnected to Creative Cloud.

Invite to coedit

Collaborating with fellow designers has never been easier. You can invite your fellow designers to simultaneously access and edit your XD document. Adobe XD enables your fellow designers to coedit any of your shared documents. 

Go ahead and save your design as a cloud document, click the Invite to Document icon (). Enter Adobe IDs (email addresses associated with Adobe account) of your fellow designers and click Invite.

Your fellow designers are then notified through their email or Creative Cloud desktop application.

Notification to coedit

Collaborators can also invite others to edit your document for faster collaboration.

Edit designs collaboratively

You can collaboratively edit a design document and view real-time changes that are saved as you work. When you coedit a document with your fellow designers, you can view these visual indicators.

Coediting with live cursors

Colored avatar

An avatar of fellow designers coediting your design. If the profile image was not set by a designer, then the first letter of the first name appears as colored avatar. If there is no profile name, then a blank profile image appears. 

Bounding box

A bounding box that matches the avatar color that appears on your design. Hover over the bounding box to view the names of your coeditors.

Real-time edits

Simultaneous edits in real time as your coeditors navigate and modify your design.


A Live Cursor appears on the bounding box corresponding to the colored avatar at the presence bar. 

Track the position of collaborators with Live Cursors

You can view the live edits of your fellow designers on shared documents with the help of colored avatars appearing as remote Live Cursors. 

Select View > Show/Hide Live Cursors to enable or disable Live Cursors. By default, Show Live Cursors is enabled. Hover over the remote Live Cursor to view details of the fellow designer. 

Access from View menu

At any point in time, if you want to know whether your coeditor is working on the same location of a shared document, click the coeditor's avatar in the presence bar. The Live Cursor jumps to the current position of your coeditor in the shared document. 

Remote Live Cursor consists of:

  • A live pointer, which corresponds to the live position of your fellow designer. 
  • A colored avatar that is in sync with the profile of the designer that appears in the presence bar. 

Appearance of remote Live Cursor

The appearance of remote Live Cursor changes based on different scenarios and cursor movements as stated below. 

Away from canvas live cursor

Away from canvas

When your fellow designer moves away from the canvas, say, on to the right panel, or on to a dialog, the Live Cursor remains on the last position and doesn't show any further movement. 

movements within document

Movements within document

When your fellow designer moves the cursor to the extreme left or right side of the document, you can observe the pointer on colored avatar shifting to the left or right accordingly. 

zoom in and zoom out appearance of live cursor

Zoom in or Zoom out

When your fellow designer zooms in or zooms out the artboards in the canvas, the remote cursor appears to you only if it is within the range of the viewport. 

Watch this tutorial to learn more about the Live Cursors in coediting.

Viewing time: 1 minute 52 seconds.

Manage design revisions

Mange design revisions
Use document history to manage design revisions

Access your design revisions — Click    on the XD command bar. 

Naming convention  — By default, versions are named based on time and date stamps, and are autosaved at regular intervals. Since auto-saved versions expire after 30 days, use  to name versions and permanently save them.

Benefits  — View iterations of your collaborative designs and maintain a single source of truth. 

Access previous versions — You can preview and access previous versions from Creative Cloud website. Read Versioning FAQ to learn more.

Limitations — You cannot roll back your previous versions; however, you can open a version of the document from document history, copy, and paste the content to your current version. 

Few things to keep in mind

Remember these aspects when you coedit an XD document.


Minimize lag 

You can now work offline on coedited cloud documents. If there are conflicting changes when working offline, you can either select Save As… option to save a copy of the document with all the new changes or choose to Accept Remote Changes.


Revoke access 

Remove the coeditor's name from Invite to Document pop-up window.


Prevent overwriting

Avoid coediting the same object with a fellow designer to prevent overwriting. XD retains the edits that reach the server first and other changes are discarded.

Learn more

"Coediting lets you work right along side with your team and empowers you to work better. Together" — Dani Beaumont, Principal Product ManagerXD.

To learn more about coediting and document history, watch this video.

Viewing time: 1 minute.

What's next?

We've got you started with coediting and managing your design revisions. Take a step forward and learn how to share your designs and prototypes with stakeholders such as users, developers, and fellow designers.

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