Connect Add-in will crash when user tries to make the recording offline in Meeting.


This article applies to Adobe Connect versions that supports Adobe Connect add-in. Starting Nov 2017, Adobe introduced the new Adobe Connect application for desktop that replaces the old Adobe Connect add-in for Adobe Connect version 9.x and later. If you are on Adobe Connect version 8 or earlier, you can continue to use Adobe Connect add-in.


While trying to make a recording offline you run into an error message:

Adobe Acrobat Connect Add-in 9.3  r52 has encountered a problem and needs to close

(Add in WIN 9,3,34,0/ WIN 9.3.32,0)Add-in will crash when user make the recording offline in Meeting.


There seems to be a bug in the Add-in causing it to crash.  This is fixed in our latest add-in.

1) Uninstall current Connect Add-in from Add/Remove Programs

2) Install the latest add-in.




Go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall the current Connect Add-in.  Once completed install add-in


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