Adobe Connect 12.3 Release Notes

This document contains details about the Adobe Connect 12.3 release, including release dates, technical requirements, upgrades, improvements, and known issues.


Adobe Connect enables you to create rich digital training, webinars, and collaboration experiences. For an overview of Adobe Connect, see

Adobe Connect 12.3 is a minor release introducing new features, improvements to existing features, greater accessibility and fixes to known issues.

Release dates

Adobe Connect 12.3 will roll out in the following phases:

Hosted services:

Upgrades will begin on Apr 23, 2023. See Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates to determine the upgrade date for your account.

On-premise deployments:

Will be available from May 10, 2023

Managed services:

Contact your Adobe Connect Managed Services (ACMS) representative, or private cloud provider, to schedule an upgrade.

What's new in Adobe Connect 12.3

Self-Selection in Break Out Rooms

Hosts can now allow participants to choose the Breakout Room they want to be a part of. Participants will see a Breakout Bar that displays the breakout room that they are currently in and they can also switch to another breakout room as and when needed.


New Option to disable hyperlinks in Chat, Q&A, Notes and Poll pod

We have introduced a new option in Compliance and Control under Pods Management. that disables participants from clicking on hyperlinks shared in Chat, Q&A, Notes and Poll pods, If disabled, URL’s will be displayed just like any other string


Updated Installer for On-Premise customers

A patch installer will be available for on-premise customers to upgrade to 12.3

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page.

Adobe Connect application

This update does not include a new version of the Adobe Connect desktop application for Windows and MacOS

If you are an IT administrator you can ensure that all users have the latest Adobe Connect application with our installer. Download the latest stand-alone or MSI installers for the Adobe Connect application from this page, or install directly from the following URLs:

Upgrade paths for on-premise deployments

Here are the prerequisites for this release:

  • From Adobe Connect 8.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.x
  • From Adobe Connect 9.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 12.0 before applying this patch
  • From Adobe Connect 10.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 12.0 before applying this patch
  • From Adobe Connect 11.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 12.0 before applying this patch

Issues resolved

Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description


Fixed an issue where delimiter between email addresses was incorrectly mentioned as comma (instead of semicolon), when sending email link to a content to multiple recipients


Fixed an intermittent issue where anonymization of recordings was not working


Fixed an issue where user was unable to see Manage Meeting Information Page when users were Meeting Hosts or part of Administrator-Limited


Fixed an issue where the Request Control button was not visible during Screen Share


Fixed Help links on the login page which were not pointing to the correct page


Fixed the issue caused by empty shapes in PowerPoint slides, by omitting them during conversion


Fixed an issue where Event Email triggers relative to the time of event are incorrect for duplicated events.


Fixed an issue where a PDF was not rendered correctly in some scenarios in the Share Pod


Fixed an issue where animation order was not preserved in the converted output, during PPTX conversion


Fixed an issue where event emails were not being sent once an event was published


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Adobe MAX:
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