Installation error DW050, DW020 | CS5.5 | Windows


One or more of the following errors appears in the install log when you install Creative Suite 5.5 or Flash Professional CS5.5 (the stand-alone product):

  • ERROR: DW050: The following payload errors were found during install:
  • ERROR: DW050:  - Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX: Install failed
  • ERROR: DW020: Found payload conflicts and errors:
  • ERROR: DW020:  - Adobe Flash CS5.5 depends on Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin to be installed.
  • FATAL: DW020: Conflicts were found in the selected payloads. Halting installation.

If the Adobe Support Advisor sent you to this document:  Check the Adobe Support Advisor for any additional errors after reviewing the information in this document. If there are no additional issues and you are still encountering problems, see Troubleshoot CS5 and CS5.5 installation with install logs (cpsid_84451). You can use that document to identify any additional issues.


You can ignore this error and launch the products you were installing.

The CS5.5 installer correctly skips installing its older Flash Player components. However, it incorrectly reports an error at the end of the installation process. 

  • Try to launch Flash Professional. If it launches successfully, then no installation error actually occurred. The error message is false and there is no impact to functionality.

Important:  If you have any additional problems with the installation or launching products, another error could have occurred.  For help identifying with these other errors, see Troubleshoot CS5 and CS5.5 installation with install logs (cpsid_84451).

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Additional information

These errors occur when the version of Flash Player that on your system is newer than the version installed by the CS5.5 installer.



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