Learn about new features and enhancements in the June 2020 release of Dimension (version 3.3)
Other enhancements


Find information about major enhancements in Dimension with this release.

This release brings a number of enhancements and customer-reported bug fixes.


  • Font Favorites: Added the ability to set favorite fonts and filter to your favorites.

  • Font Family Groups: Fonts that belong to a family will now be grouped for easier navigation.

  • Sketchup SKP Model Import: Added support for the latest version of Sketchup SKP files.

  • Substance Image Inputs: Updated Substance material support to include image input fields.

  • Selection Menu: Organized the selection commands in a new top-level Selection app menu.

  • Show/Hide Unselected: Added a new Show/Hide Unselected command in the Object menu which lets you toggle the visibility status of unselected objects.

  • Show All: Added a new Show All command in the Object menu which lets you set all objects to visible.

Fixed issues

For detailed information, see Fixed issues in Dimension.