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Known issues in Lightroom Classic

  1. Lightroom Classic User Guide
  2. Introduction to Lightroom Classic
    1. What's new in Lightroom Classic
    2. Lightroom Classic system requirements
    3. Lightroom Classic | Common Questions
    4. Lightroom Classic Key Concepts
    5. Lightroom Classic tutorials
    6. Feature summary | Lightroom CC 2015.x/Lightroom 6.x releases
  3. Lightroom and Adobe services
    1. Creative Cloud Libraries
    2. Using Adobe Stock in Creative Cloud apps
  4. Lightroom for mobile, TV, and the web
    1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile and Apple TV | FAQ
    2. Sync Lightroom Classic with Lightroom ecosystem
    3. Photoshop family of mobile apps
  5. Import photos
    1. Import photos from a camera or card reader
    2. Import photos from a folder on a hard drive
    3. Import photos automatically
    4. Import photos from Photoshop Elements
    5. Import photos from a tethered camera
    6. Specify import options
    7. Set import preferences
    8. The Filename Template Editor and Text Template Editor
  6. Workflows
    1. Apply Masking in photos
    2. Export and save your photos as JPEGs
    3. Export and watermark your photos
    4. Import your photos
    5. Adjustment Brush: the basics
    6. Adjustments with the Tone Curve
    7. Advanced video slideshows
    8. Control white balance
    9. Create a contact sheet
    10. Enhance your workflow with Lightroom Classic
    11. Adjustments with Lens Blur
    12. Edit and Export in HDR
  7. Workspace
    1. Workspace basics
    2. Set preferences for working in Lightroom Classic
    3. Display the Library on a second monitor
    4. Personalize identity plates and module buttons
    5. Watermark your photos in Lightroom Classic
    6. Color management
  8. Viewing photos
    1. View photos
    2. Browse and compare photos
    3. Set Library view options
    4. Share photos for comments and feedback
    5. Smart Previews
  9. Manage catalogs and files
    1. Lightroom Classic catalog FAQ
    2. How Lightroom Classic catalogs work
    3. Create and manage catalogs
    4. Back up a catalog
    5. Locate missing photos
    6. Create and manage folders
    7. Manage photos within folders
  10. Maps
    1. Work with the Map module
  11. Organize photos in Lightroom Classic
    1. Face recognition
    2. Work with photo collections
    3. Group photos into stacks
    4. Flag, label, and rate photos
    5. Use keywords
    6. Metadata basics and actions
    7. Find photos in the catalog
    8. Work with video in Lightroom Classic
    9. Advanced metadata actions
    10. Use the Quick Develop panel
  12. Process and develop photos
    1. Develop module basics
    2. Create panoramas and HDR panoramas
    3. Flat-Field Correction
    4. Correct distorted perspective in photos using Upright
    5. Improve image quality using Enhance
    6. Work with image tone and color
    7. Masking
    8. Apply local adjustments
    9. HDR photo merge
    10. Develop module options
    11. Retouch photos
    12. Cure red eye and pet eye effects
    13. Use the Radial Filter tool
    14. Use the enhanced Spot Removal tool
  13. Export photos
    1. Export files to disk or CD
    2. Export photos from Lightroom Classic
    3. Publish photos online
    4. Export to hard drive using publish services
    5. Presets for export, and other settings
  14. Work with external editors
    1. External Editing preferences
    2. Open and edit Lightroom Classic photos in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
  15. Slideshows
    1. Create slideshows
    2. Slideshow module panels and tools
    3. Specify the slide layout
    4. Add overlays to slides
    5. Play and export slideshows
  16. Print photos
    1. Print module basics
    2. Print module layouts and templates
    3. Work with print job options and settings
  17. Photo books
    1. Create photo books
  18. Web galleries
    1. Create web galleries
    2. Use the Web module panels and tools
    3. Work with web gallery layouts
    4. Work with web gallery templates and settings
    5. Preview, export, and upload web photo galleries
  19. Keyboard shortcuts
    1. Keyboard shortcuts
  20. Troubleshooting 
    1. Fixed Issues
    2. Known Issues

Find known issues and limitations in the latest release of Lightroom Classic.

macOS compatibility

macOS 14.2.0 (Sonoma) issues

Apple released macOS 14.2 on Dec 11, 2023. This update impacts device-related workflows in Adobe Lightroom Classic. The issues include import from mobile devices, cameras, SD cards and camera tethering. See macOS 14.2.0 (Sonoma) issues for a workaround.


Update to macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 to fix issues from 14.2.0.

Common Lightroom Classic 13.x issues



"Something went wrong" error while using AI-powered tools like Lens Blur in Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, and Adobe Camera Raw.

To resolve this issue, you can do the following:

  • Update your device to the latest GPU driver.
  • If it's still not resolved, try these troubleshooting steps

Using Lens blur and Masks shows up artifacts or shows differences in rendition. The image may appear brighter/darker than it actually should be in areas which are affected by a mask. Zooming in/out might show the difference.

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix in future releases.

Common Lightroom Classic 12.x issues



Select People mask crashed on macOS 12 when VRAM is < 2GB.

To resolve this issue:

  • Upgrade your system to 2GB VRAM.
  • You can collapse the 'Select People' widget in the masking panel when processing portrait photos. Expand the widget on-demand only when the select people option is needed, to minimize the chance of a crash. For more details, see Crash on using Select People Mask.


Nikon camera fails to detect when the tether bar is open without connecting the camera.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Connect the camera.
  2. Initiate tethering.

Lightroom Classic 12.5 shows a patch on healed areas from Lightroom Web.


Delete the healed area and reapply in Lightroom Classic.

macOS Sonoma, Lightroom Classic 12.5 or lower versions don't show shadow watermark in the correct direction.

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix in future releases.

Known issues on Apple M1 machines



GPS Coordinates from videos show incorrect location. 

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix in future releases. 

Embedded metadata in some RAW files is not read properly.

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix in future releases. 

Other issues



(macOS only) Slow UI in the Publish Services view when Custom Display profile is used.

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix in future releases. 

When you try to convert a .GPR file to DNG, you get the following message:

Non-raw files were not converted to DNG.

.GPR files are effectively DNGs and hence, cannot be converted to DNG.

(Enterprise accounts only) On updating to the latest version of Lightroom Classic, end users are prompted to sign in to use their app. Enterprise end users may see that their app is running in trial mode and may be prompted to start a trial or purchase a subscription if the app was deployed using enterprise serial numbers.

This issue is expected to occur if the previous installation of Lightroom Classic CC (v7.x or earlier) was licensed and deployed by your admins using an enterprise serial number. For resolution and mitigation steps, see Lightroom Classic asks for sign-in on update.

(Mac only) If you are a Creative Cloud for Teams user in China, an error message is displayed every time you launch Lightroom Classic. The error is displayed even though you have installed the app on your computer in the language specified in the message.

To resolve this error, change your operating system's setting to set Simplified Chinese as the primary OS language and then launch Lightroom Classic. 

For related helpful information, see Error launching CC apps for Teams users in China.


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