Disable/Enable a web form

Disable a web form

When you disable a web form, it is longer accessible by signers, but is visible in your account. You can re-enable the web form under your authority at any time.

To disable a web form:

  1. Click the Manage tab

  2. Select the Web Forms filter

  3. Single-click the web form you want to disable

  4. Click Disable

    • An options window pops out

  5. Select the experience that you want to provide for any user that attempts to access the web form URL

    • Redirect signers to another web page - You can redirect the signers to another web page, like a current version of the web form
    • Enter a custom message to signers - You can enter a message that will be displayed in place of the web form
      • You can add hyperlinks to the message by enclosing them in brackets [ ]
      • You can add labels by using the | (pipe) symbol after the URL

    e.g: [https://www.sign.adobe.com/ | Acrobat Sign] displays as Acrobat Sign.

  6. Click Disable

    • A success message is displayed
    • The status changes 
    • The redirect method is inserted under the status
    • The ability to edit the web form is removed

    Disabled web forms are still visible on the Manage page.

    If you would like to remove the web form from your view, Hide it.

Enable a web form

Disabled web forms can be re-enabled at any time and resume function.


To enable a disabled web form:

  1. Click the Manage tab 

  2. Select the Web Forms filter

  3. Single-click the web form you want to enable

  4. Click the Enable button 


  5. Click Enable when you are challenged