Acrobat Document Cloud font packs for Macintosh

All products in the Acrobat Document Cloud product family are part of a track: Continuous or Classic. Because there are different font packs for each track, it's important to know what track your product is part of before downloading and installing.

Most end users that have installed their own product have the Continuous track product. However, you can verify your track and download the correct font pack as follows:

  1. Choose Adobe Reader > About.

  2. Look at the track name and/or version number. The 8th and 9th digits indicate the track:

    • 20: Continuous track. For example, 2017.009.20044
    • Classic 2020: Acrobat 2020. For example, 2020.001.30002
    • Classic 2017: Acrobat 2017 (Classic track). For example, 2017.008.30051
    • 30: Classic (Perpetual) track. For example, 2015.006.30123
Note that "Perpetual" has been renamed to "Classic", and so "Classic" is displayed after your first update.