Nothing happens when you click Print or Printer Properties while printing from any printer in Acrobat on Windows


Open a PDF in Acrobat on Windows and go to print, the Print dialog box opens up but nothing happens when you click Print or Printer Properties.

It is an intermittent issue and is reproducible with all printers.


This issue was logged as a bug in Acrobat and the fix was delivered in the February 2018 patch. 

  1. Install the February 2018 patch for Acrobat:
  2. It is a registry protected fix and to enable it, do the following:
    On a 64-bit Machine, go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\<version>\FeatureState 
    On a 32-bit Machine, go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\<version>\FeatureState
    (Where <version> can be 2015, 2017, or DC.)
  3. If FeatureState key is not there, create it.
  4. Create a DWORD 4211929 inside the FeatureState key and set its value as 1.


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