Print and combine multiple files using Acrobat

If you print and combine multiple PDF files, you can automate a few steps in the process by enabling the following settings in Acrobat:

  • Automatic suffixing of filenames to avoid the prompt for the filename confirmation.
  • Always delete the source files after the combine files operation.


How to print multiple PDF files

  1. Open Devices and Printers on Windows:

    1. Press Windows + R keys to open the Run command dialog box.
    2. In the Open field, type control printers and then click OK.
    Open Control Printers

    The Devices and Printers window is displayed.

  2. Under Printers, right-click Adobe PDF and choose Printing Preferences.

    The Adobe PDF Printing Preferences dialog box is displayed. 

  3. In the dialog box, do the following:

    1. Click the Adobe PDF Output Folder drop-down list and choose Documents\*.pdf
      (To choose a different output folder, click the Browse button and navigate to the folder in the list and then click OK.) 
    2. Click the Replace Existing PDF drop-down list and choose Never
    3. Click OK.
    Adobe PDF Settings

    You can now use Print as Adobe PDF from any application, such as browsers or MS Office applications, and save multiple PDFs.

How to combine multiple PDF files

  1. Open Acrobat.

  2. In Acrobat, go to Tools > Combine Files. Do the following: 

    1. Load files to be combined from a folder - Click Add Files and then browse to the folder and select the files.
    2. In the Combine Files toolbar, click Options.
    3. In the Options dialog box, select the Always delete source files after combining check box and then click OK.
    4. Click Combine.
    Combine Files options

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