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Intesi Group S.p.A. is located in Milan, Italy and has been an eIDAS certified qualified trust service provider (QTSP) since January 2018. Intesi Group offers a wide variety of services, including digital signing certificates, digital seals, time stamp services, digital identity integrations, and custom integration options that work with Acrobat Sign.

Using the Cloud Signature Consortium open standard, Intesi Group offers a variety of options for cloud signing, including direct identity verification or identification via one of many European digital identity providers. To learn more about Intesi Group signing certificates available direct from Adobe, please contact your sales or customer success representative.

Intesi Group offers the following eIDAS digital certificates that work with Acrobat Sign cloud signatures:

  • Advanced electronic signature (AES)
  • Advanced electronic seal
  • Qualified electronic signature (QES)
  • Qualified electronic seal

Intesi Group supports the following digital identities to verify a signer’s identity and issue a single-use digital certificate that works with Acrobat Sign cloud signatures:

Using the Acrobat Sign Digital Identity Gateway feature, Intesi Group also supports the following digital identities to verify a signer’s identity:


For signers

When registering, enrolling, and using Intesi Group signing certificates, please note that you may also engage with the following Intesi Group branded apps and services:


Time4Mind is Intesi Group’s branded cloud platform and user access portal. Users will need to interact with Time4Mind to apply a cloud signature.


Intesi Group’s remote user identification and onboarding mobile and web application for digital signing certificates and seals. Available for Android, iOS, and Huawei.


Intesi Group’s identity authentication mobile app generates a one-time passcode (OTP) used for digital signatures. Available for Android, iOS, and Huawei.

For admins

Please review Configure cloud signature providers for more information on how to best set up cloud signatures for use in your organization.


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