Download older versions of Adobe apps

Learn how to download previous versions of non-subscription apps such as Acrobat, Photoshop Elements, Creative Suite 5, 5.5, and 6, or Adobe Premiere Elements. If you purchased your apps from a store or an online retailer, you must first register them.

How to download your older app

You can download most non-subscription apps if you purchased them from or registered them. 

  1. In Registered products, select Download for the app you want to download.

    Don't see your app? Register it first.

    Download your registered apps

  2. Download the installer for your app. 

    If you see multiple versions, download the version that matches the language and operating system you originally purchased. Your serial number works only with that original version. 

    Download your app

  3. Open the downloaded exe (Windows), dmg (macOS), or bin (Linux) installer to begin. Then follow the onscreen instructions.

How to register your app

If you purchased your app from a store or an online retailer, register it first to see if the installer is available for download.

  1. Enter the serial number for your app. Then select Register

    Need help finding your serial number?

    Register your app

    If the installer is still available, you will see a download link for the app under Registered products.

Don't see your app or plan?

Some apps are no longer available to download. If you purchased your app from or registered it and don't see a download link, your app is not available. For example, you may not find the download link for some versions of Creative Suite including Creative Suite 4 and all earlier versions in your account.

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