Fix error 508 while installing Creative Cloud apps | Windows

Why am I getting error 508?

You may get error 508 while installing Creative Cloud apps on Windows because the package repository is corrupted. This error usually occurs when the folder referenced by the registry key PackageRepositoryRoot at the following directory doesn't exist or is corrupted.


Before you start

Before you begin, find out if the given registry key is missing or corrupted.

  1. Press Windows + R  on your keyboard.

  2. Type regedit.exe to open Windows Registry, and press Enter.

  3. Navigate to the following directory, and check if the folder referenced by the registry key PackageRepositoryRoot is missing or corrupted. If it's corrupted, the name of the folder displays some invalid characters.


    The following example shows what the directory with the correct registry entry looks like. Proceed to the given solution if you do not see the folder referenced by PackageRepositoryRoot, or if it's corrupted.

    Registry entry

How to fix error 508

To fix this error, try the following solutions in the given order.

  1. Open the Windows Start menu, and select the Settings icon.

  2. Go to Apps > Apps & features.

  3. Find Microsoft Store in the Apps & features section, and click it.

  4. Click Advanced Options.

    Click Advanced options under Apps & features

  5. Click Reset to scan and fix the issue automatically.

    Click Reset to reset Microosoft Store

Now proceed to the next solution.

  1. Press Windows + R  on your keyboard.

  2. Type wsreset.exe, and press Enter.

    This clears the unwanted cache present in Microsoft Store.

Once done, try to install the Creative Cloud app again.


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