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Identify rigging issues

Rigging issues can hinder your project. The Rigging Issues pane provides insight into detecting possible rigging issues and gives guidance for correcting them, reducing the time it takes to rig a puppet. Read on for more information.

View rigging issues

Rigging issues could be anything ranging from missing, misplaced, or mismatched tagged layer or handle, unused or missing behaviors, or incorrect independence setting. These are displayed in the Rigging issues pane. To view them, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click a puppet that you want to analyze, to open it in Rig mode.


    The puppet needs to exist in the currently open scene to detect rigging issues. Issues within a group of a puppet (that is, you double-clicked a group to view its contents) are not detected.

  2. Click the Show Rigging Issues icon along the bottom of the Puppet panel to open the issues list.

    Rigging issues pane

The Rigging Issues pane can detect the following issues:

  • Issues with unused tags: This issue appears when a tag is applied to a layer or handle, but a behavior that can use the tag is not on the puppet or at the level within a puppet’s structure that can see the tag.
  • Issues with Arm IK: Arm IK related issues appear if,
    • There is a missing (Left/Right) Wrist-tagged handle.
    • There are missing (Left/Right) Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist-tagged handles.
    • The (Left/Right) Elbow- or Wrist-tagged handle isn’t also tagged as Draggabl, (Dragger will stretch the mesh that is controlled by Arm IK).
    • The (Left/Right) Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist-tagged handles are on the same mesh, but there is a different handle tagged as Draggable (Dragger will stretch the mesh that is controlled by Arm IK).
  • Issues with Cycle Layers: This issue appears when Hold on Last Layer isn’t checked and On Trigger End isn’t set to Stop immediately.
  • Issues with Eye Gaze: This issue appears when (Left/Right) Pupil-tagged layer isn’t independent.
  • Issues with Walk: If the Left-sided tagged handle exists, but not its equivalent Right-sided tagged handle, or vice versa, it could lead to this issue being flagged. Missing a required tagged handle (for example, Waist) could also cause an issue.

Click the link (blue text) in a listed issue to reveal that part of the puppet. As you resolve issues in a puppet, they disappear automatically from the issues list. Some issues might be acceptable because they produce the intended results. For those, you can ignore them to focus on the issues you want to correct.

Ignore an issue

Hover over the issue in the issues list, then click the Ignore (x) icon. 

Show all issues, including previously ignored ones

Choose Restore Ignored Issues from the Options (…) menu.

Stop detecting rigging issues

Click the Hide Rigging Issues icon. Close the Rigging Issues pane unless you want your puppet analyzed for problems.


We recommend closing the Rigging Issues pane when not in use to ensure the best possible performance during Rigging. When open, the pane continuously analyzes every change made.


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