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Download Adobe Captivate

  1. Captivate User Guide
  2. Introduction to Captivate
    1. What's New in Adobe Captivate
    2. Adobe Captivate System Requirements
    3. Adobe Captivate Updates
      1. Adobe Captivate (12.3 update) release notes
      2. Adobe Captivate (12.2 update) release notes
      3. Adobe Captivate (12.1 update) release notes
    4. Download Adobe Captivate
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Add a slide
    1. Slide navigator in Adobe Captivate
    2. Add a conversation slide
    3. Add characters to your Adobe Captivate project
    4. Edit the background image on a slide
    5. Create a long scroll project
  4. Add text blocks
    1. Add text to a project
  5. Add media blocks
    1. Add images to a project
    2. Add videos to a project
    3. Add quotes
    4. Add SVGs to a project
  6. Interactive components
    1. Add a button
    2. Add an input field
    3. Add a radio button group
    4. Add a dropdown
    5. Add a checkbox
  7. Widgets
    1. Add a Card
    2. Add Tabs
    3. Add a Certificate
    4. Add a Carousel
    5. Add a Hotspot
    6. Add Drag-and-Drop
    7. Add a Timeline
    8. Add Click to Reveal
  8. Create quizzes
    1. Add a Multiple-choice question
    2. Add a True or false question
    3. Add a Match the column question
    4. Add a Short answer question
    5. Add a Sequence question
    6. Import questions as CSV
  9. Add audio to a project
    1. Add audio
  10. Interactions
    1. Add interactions to a project
    2. Create interactive video with overlay
    3. Create a slide-level interaction
    4. Create an object-level interaction
  11. Animations
    1. Add animations to a project
  12. Accessibility
    1. Make a project accessible
  13. Customize the timeline
    1. Timeline panel in Adobe Captivate
  14. Customize TOC and Playbar
    1. Table of Contents in Adobe Captivate
  15. Edit project properties
    1. Variables in Adobe Captivate
    2. Preferences
    3. Themes
  16. Preview a project
    1. Preview
  17. Share a project for review
    1. Share for review   
  18. Publish a project
    1. Publish
  19. Create a simulation project
    1. Simulation

Experience ultimate authoring freedom with the all-new Adobe Captivate. Start creating interactive content instantly as you master the intuitive user interface.

Where can I download the latest version?

Adobe Captivate (12.3 update)

The all-new Adobe Captivate is a modern and intuitive eLearning authoring tool, which empowers you to rapidly to create eye-catching and responsive content without programming.

Download other versions

Adobe Captivate Classic (11.8.3 update)

Adobe Captivate Classic is a comprehensive tool for creating all types of engaging, interactive eLearning content.

Adobe Captivate Classic (11.5.5 update)


The update 11.5.5 of Adobe Captivate Classic includes perpetual licensing. If you've a serial key, download this version.


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