Adobe Acrobat Sign Release Notes


This document highlights the new features,  experience changes, and resolved issues in the customer-facing application for the most recent release.

Developer-centric updates to the API and Webhooks are documented in the Acrobat Sign developer guide.

Not all features/changes are guaranteed to be enabled on the date of the release.

Production deployment: May 23, 2023

GovCloud deployment:  June 05, 2023

Improved Functionality

  • Embedded Integration with Microsoft Power Automate - Available for all Acrobat Sign enterprise-licensed accounts looking to automate their pre-signing or post-signing processes. This integration is enabled by the account administrator from the Account Settings > Workflow Integration tab. Once enabled, the integration is accessed through a tile on the Home page or a new Workflow tab in the top navigation bar.
    With the included Power Automate entitlement (activated upon enablement), users can access all Power Automate standard and premium connectors for use with Acrobat Sign. Customers with existing Power Automate licenses through Microsoft can also use them with the integration.

Learn more about the Power Automate integration >

  • Name and Signature support for the Hebrew locale - Name and initial values in the Hebrew locale (right to left) are now supported in the signature fields on the final document and audit report PDFs.
Hebrew signature support

  • Require the saving of a web form when opened -  Administrators can remove the option to cancel the saving process when Save on opening the web form is enabled, forcing the signer to convert the web form process into a normal agreement process.

Learn more about Web Forms >

Enforce save on open


Enablement date

Available to (service type)

Configuration level

Embedded Power Automate

With the release

Enterprise and Business tiers

Account and Group

Support for Hebrew signatures and initials

With the release

All tiers of service

Not configurable

Require web form saving after opening

With the release

Enterprise, Business, and Team tiers

Account and Group

4316916 Summary: In the case where multiple signers apply their signature at essentially the same time in a parallel signature flow, the first signer signature is omitted in subsequent versions of the document.
Fix: A locking process has been added to the conversion of the document to prevent collision of the signature application on the official version of the document. Subsequent signers in a parallel signature flow will encounter a message that the agreement has been updated and required to sign again if their version has changed (due to a signature application) since opening the agreement
4382014 Summary: Checkboxes added using the automated field placement do not properly align with the checkbox graphic.
Fix: The placement code has been improved to use a pixel offset for the field, and field size is calculated before positioning when the zoom level is changed, improving the field placement.
4415970 Summary: Users created in an account with Users in Multiple Groups (UMG) enabled, which subsequently set the Default group to disallow sending and disable UMG, may have the Start from Library button on the Home page disabled.
Fix: The code has been improved to account for disabling UMG and properly inheriting settings from the user's group.
4416451 Summary: Senders that attempt to send a Send in Bulk transaction where the sender signs first, and the signature applied is a digital signature from a cloud-based IdP encounter an error that the IdP is not available.
Fix: The Send in Bulk code has been improved to properly identify that the sender is allowed to sign first using a digital signature
4418343 Summary: Participants signing with Signing Reasons enabled in a localized environment will find that the "Signed by," Reason," and Date" strings are not localized.
Fix: Localization has been applied to the strings.
4419664 Summary: Customers pulling exceptionally long reports in the new environment could fail due t the size of the data set.
Fix: The data set parameters have been improved to accommodate much larger requests.
4420278 Summary: Field assignment may revert to the first recipient when saving a template and then clicking the Back button.
Fix: Updated the form field constructor to properly assign the participation ID when saving the template.
4420932 Summary: PDFs created by some applications do not comply with the PDF standard and, as a result, are not able to be downloaded as individual documents from the Manage page.
Fix: Evaluate uploaded PDFs and resave them if they are found to be deficient.  
4421539 Summary: The new reporting environment does not export form fields if all fields are set to Read-only
Fix: The flag to read-only is to be disregarded when pulling report data.
4424177 Summary: "Signer" option is available in Edit permissions on the Group level when the Sign On Behalf of Others setting isn't enabled.
Fix: code order has been updated to check the signing settings before displaying the singing permissions.
4426708 Summary: The hyperlink string extends beyond the bound of the display box when confirming a redirect to a new URL via the Hyperlink field.
Fix: Overflow wrap applied to the string.
4427788 Summary: In accounts with Users in Multiple Groups enabled, existing group memberships are removed when a user is promoted as a group admin using group membership search due to filtering being applied to the resultant userID.
Fix: The unfiltered list of values is to be used when saving the new user relationships.
4427893 Summary: A documentKey may not be generated in call-backs for accounts on webhooks 2.0
Fix: Null checks have been added to trap the events and correct the issue.
4428561 Summary: In the new reporting environment, not all groups may be displayed when filtering by the group.
Fix: The fetch code has been improved to ensure all groups are displayed.
4430423 Summary: Right to Left written languages invert the signature after application.
Fix: Support for right-to-left written languages has been added for capturing a signature and properly applying it to documentation.
4430515 Summary: When a sender adds an input field with the word "直" as the default value, the signer sees the old font when signing and on the completed document
Fix: Font prioritization has been improved to correct the replacement.
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