Learn how to quickly collect secure electronic signatures from others with the Adobe Acrobat Sign tool in Adobe Acrobat. Recipients can sign PDFs in minutes, and you can manage document activity in real time.

Open a PDF file and the Adobe Sign tool

Open the Bodea Contract.pdf sample file or a PDF document you would like to send to collect a digital signature. Then open the Adobe Sign tool.

Adobe Sign option is highlighted in an open PDF document.

Add recipient email addresses

Enter the email addresses of the people you want to e-sign the document. You can also add a personal message if desired. Then click Continue.

Email recipient and message field appear in the Adobe Sign window.

Confirm form fields

If Acrobat detects form fields, it will prompt you to place or review the signature field and any other needed fields, editing field properties as needed. In the sample file, click the Field Detection icon at the top left, then double-click in each field to review field properties. Click OK to confirm the properties. When you review the Date field in the sample file, you’ll need to change the Field Type from Text Input to Date under the Signer Info Fields header. Then click OK.

Acrobat detects form fields. Double click to review field properties.

Click Send

When your document is ready, click Send at the bottom right of the tool. You’ll see a confirmation message and receive an email stating that the file was sent. Acrobat makes signing documents quick and easy for recipients. Each signer will receive an email of their own with a link to open and e-sign the file online following a simple signing process. When recipients sign documents, both the signer and sender will receive a copy of the sales contract or agreement. 

Confirmation message appears when e-signature document has been successfully sent.

Manage documents sent for signature

You can track and manage documents you’ve sent for e-signing by going to the Home view and selecting For Signature under Shared. You’ll see a list of all documents pending signature, all signed documents, and an activity audit trail. You will also receive notifications in the Notifications bell when recipients take actions in documents you’ve shared. Learn more about sending documents for electronic signature and tracking responses.

A list of documents sent for signatures appears under the Home > For Signature menu.


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