Adobe Connect application for desktop 2021.6.27.64 Release Notes

This document contains details about Adobe Connect Application version 2021.6.27.64, including release dates, issues resolved, and improvements.


Adobe Connect Application 2021.6.27.64 is an optional update for Microsoft Windows 64-bit OS and Macintosh OS users and is not required for participating in Adobe Connect classrooms, webinars, or meetings.

This release also includes Adobe Connect Application 2021.6.27.32 for Microsoft Windows 32-bit OS. 

This update is backwards compatible with all Adobe Connect 10.x and 11.x accounts.

Release date

Adobe Connect Application 2021.6.27.64 for Windows and Macintosh is available from July 14, 2021. Adobe Connect Application 2021.6.27.32 for Windows 32-bit OS is available from Jul 14, 2021.

These applications are available from the
Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates page. 

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, see the Adobe Connect Technical Specifications page.

Issues resolved with this version


Issue Tracking Number

Issue Description

Win 4128390
Fixed an issue where for some users the application was crashing after turning on webcam
Win & Mac 4124112
Fixed an issue where certain pdfs were not displayed in Classic view
Win & Mac 4126095,
Added RTMPT fallback support in application when RMTP and RMTPS are blocked
Mac 4115708
Improvement: A new meeting session can now be open in Adobe Connect application for mac with Cmd+N shortcut
Win & Mac Various Fixed multiple instances of application crashes from crash log reports


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