With VIP, dates are important for the ongoing management and renewal of licenses. For example, once your organization or institution enrolls and makes an initial order, an Anniversary Date will be established to determine when licenses must be renewed.


Anniversary Date

The Adobe VIP Anniversary Date is an important part of the VIP program. The Anniversary Date affects several key factors:

  • It serves as the date each year when all subscription licenses must be renewed.
  • It determines when all licenses purchased throughout the subscription year co-terminate.


Subscriptions begin on the day licenses are added, and expire the day prior to the Anniversary Date (See Renewals document for more information.)

  • It determines the Monthly Proration Date (See section below.)
  • It serves as the basis for any monthly proration calculations.

The Anniversary Date is automatically calculated as twelve months (12 months) after either the date Adobe accepts your initial order or, if earlier, your initial Purchase Authorization Date. For example, if Adobe accepts the first order from a Company on January 16, 2018, the company would have its first Anniversary Date on January 16, 2019.

Timelines for establishing a VIP Anniversary Date

Adobe subscription diagram

Monthly Proration Date

The cost of licenses is prorated so you pay only for the number of months used. There are no partial month subscriptions, and VIP makes this adjustment to a full month by using the Anniversary Date to set the monthly proration start date.

Regardless of the month the license is added, the Monthly Proration Date (the date by which the license subscription is calculated) will always begin on the same date of the month as the Anniversary Date and end the day before the Anniversary Date. For example, if the Anniversary Date is January 15, 2019, the Monthly Proration Date would be the 15th of each month.

For example, XYZ Institution or company, which has an upcoming Anniversary Date of February 16, 2019, adds additional licenses on October 1, 2018. The institution’s or company's Monthly Proration Date is the 16th of the month. Therefore, XYZ is charged for 4 months of subscription (October 16, 2018-February 15, 2019). In this example, the new users have 15 days in October when they can use the software before the paid period.

Paid period

The paid period for VIP Members is the period of time members pay for use of their licenses each year. The paid period begins on the Monthly Proration Date and always ends (co-terminates) on the day before the VIP Anniversary Date.


  • You will always be charged for a full month, regardless of when you added licenses.
  • It is possible that licenses are added prior to the actual start day of the paid period. Members always have access to use their software immediately.

Anniversary Dates and Consumable Products

Some Products, such as Stock Credits, are Consumables. Consumables are purchased, used, and then more may be purchased again. Consumables are different than a named-user or device-based licenses that allow for access and use of the Products during the Subscription Period. Consumables, by default, expire at the end of your Subscription Period. However, some Consumables have expiry dates and purchase cycles that may not align with your VIP Membership’s Anniversary Date and current Subscription Period. Please contact your Account Manager or see the specific Product terms for more information. One example of a Consumable that does not expire on the last day of your existing Subscription Period is Stock Credit Packs for team.