Using Share for Review, you can share your document via a public or private link. Collaborators can then view and comment on the document in a browser. Comments appear in the Review panel in InDesign with the shared document open, and are linked to the relevant objects and pages in your document.

Ad for Organic Forms Ceramics features plates and bowls on the left and hands molding clay on the right.

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What you learned: How to use Share for Review to collaborate on a document and gather feedback

Start a review

To initiate the review, click Share in the application bar above the open document and choose Share for Review. Then, add a title for the review and click Create to start the process.

You can set options to control the access level, invite specific users, and enable or disable commenting on the document.

  • Access settings: Invite Only—share with specific people. You can enter email addresses separated by commas. Public—share with anyone. You can optionally require a password to open it. 
  • Invite individual users to review the document in the Members section. They’ll receive an email link to join the review.

Review the document in browser

When users click the review link, they can access the document on any OS, mobile device, or desktop using a browser. In-browser, the document appears, along with tools for commenting (if enabled). 

With the commenting tools, including a highlighter, text strikethrough, drawing tools, and others, users can add comments to the document. Comments are submitted individually. Users can see comments from other users in the Comment panel and the corresponding annotation in the document, as well as reply to and filter comments.

Manage the review

As comments are added to the document in-browser, they also appear in the Review panel in InDesign, with the shared document open. You (as the review initiator) can view, reply to, filter, and resolve comments. 

If changes are made to the document, you can click Share in the application bar and choose Share for Review to return to the share options. You can then add or remove users from the review, update the existing document link for users, or even create a new review from the current document.

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