Include page counts in the audit report


Customers that need to track the volume of pages in their agreements have the option to add a summary report of the total number of files uploaded, both when the agreement is created and added during the signature process via File attachment fields, to the audit report. The summary includes the number of files uploaded, and the total number of pages within those files.

How it works

When enabled, the audit report includes a summary table that includes:

  • The total number of files uploaded when the agreement was created.
  • The total number of pages included in the files uploaded.
  • The total number of supporting files added to the agreement (through file attachments).
    • Aggregated from all participants.
  • The total number of pages included in all supporting files.
Document counts in the audit report


The feature can only be enabled or disabled. There are no further configuration options.


The page extraction feature is available for the following tiers of service:

  • Team/Small business
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Configuration scope:

The feature can be enabled at both the account and group levels.

  • All groups inherit the account level setting by default.
  • Groups can be configured to override the inherited account setting.

To enable page extraction, navigate to Account Settings > Global Settings > Audit Report

Navigate to the Audit Report section of Global Settings


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