Adobe Sign authentication redirects to Adobe Identity Management


For Adobe Sign users who have an Adobe identity type associated with their email address, Adobe Sign has standardized the authentication process so that these users will always authenticate into Adobe Sign with this Adobe identity type and password. This improves the user's sign-in experience and security. 

Prior, a subset of Adobe Sign users could authenticate into Adobe Sign through both the public login page (with an Adobe Sign-specific password) as well as through the Adobe identity type.

Affected users are those who have purchased their Adobe Sign account via the standard Adobe buying programs (including the store, as well as the VIP and ETLA buying programs), and who are managing their Adobe Sign account via the Adobe Admin Console

Adobe identity types include personal accounts (Adobe ID) as well as company/school accounts (Enterprise ID or Federated ID). 

Affected users will see the following behavior:

  • Redirect to Adobe Identity Type from the Adobe Sign Login Page

    When a user goes to the Adobe Sign login page (e.g., Image 1) and enters their email address, they are automatically routed to the Adobe identity type authentication (Image 2) to complete the sign-in process.

    If the user's administrator has configured the account to authenticate with a Federated ID (i.e. SAML), they are routed to their company's corporate log-in page.

    Image 1
    Image 1

    Image 2
    Image 2


    If the user does not remember their Adobe identity password, they may choose either "I forgot my password" (Image 1) OR "Reset your password" (Image 2).

    In either case, the user is prompted to reset the password.

  • Redirect to Adobe Identity Type from Custom Hostname

    If an Adobe Sign organization has set up a "custom" Adobe Sign login page which includes a custom hostname (e.g., upon entering the custom Adobe Sign login URL the user is immediately redirected to the Adobe identity type authentication.

  • Redirect to Adobe Identity Type during authenticated signing

    If an Adobe Sign organization has specified that signers must authenticate with "Adobe Sign authentication" (prior to signing), the signer will be prompted to authenticate via the Adobe identity type authentication.

Additional Considerations

  • When a user is signing in via their Adobe identity type, they may be prompted to choose either their Personal account or their Work / School account. It is possible that the user will choose one account type, but Adobe Sign is associated with the other account type. In this case, Adobe Sign guides the user in "switching" account types (for example, from the Personal account to the Work / School account, or vice versa).

  • In rare cases, when a user is signing in with their Adobe identity type for the first time, they may be prompted to either set their password, or to verify their email address.

    This is a one-time setup action which the user does not have to repeat in the future.

Need Help?

If you need help with this new login experience, please contact your success manager or open a case with Customer Support.   


Only administrators have the authority to open a support case. If you are not an administrator, please contact your internal admin to open the case on your behalf.


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