Share an agreement with another user

Share an agreement (or other object) with another user

As the sender of a document, you can share an agreement with any other individual, as long as they have an email address and are not already associated with the agreement.

This functionality is useful for managers, or people who must see individual transactions that have been sent out. Refer to Account Sharing if you need to see the full array of agreements for a user or group.


Sharing individual agreements provides only view access to the document and its history.

  1. As the sender of the agreement, go to the Manage page, and click the agreement. Then, click the Share link in the right rail of the page.

  2. Enter the email address of the person you want to share it to. Add a message to send in the email and click the Share Agreement button.

    Share agreement

    • This Share persists even if you hide the transaction in your Manage page view.
    • If you attempt to share an agreement to an email that is already a participant to that agreement, an error message is generated indicating that one or more sharees is already a participant to the agreement and therefor cannot be shared with

The user that receives the shared document can see that it is shared on the Manage page.

Light grey script under the Title of the document indicates who shared the document:

Shared by in the manage page

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