Share an individual agreement with another party

As a sender of documents, you can share your individual agreements with any other email address, as long as the shared-to party is not already associated with the agreement.

This functionality is useful for sharing an agreement when someone must see an individual transaction but does not require a persistent view into a user's entire list of agreements. (Refer to Account Sharing if you need to create a persistent view into a user or group's full array of agreements.)

Upon sharing an agreement, the recipient is emailed with a PDF copy of the agreement in its current state (e.g., an in-progress agreement will deliver a PDF with any content provided by previous recipients).

Sharing an agreement with internal users will also populate the agreement on the shared-to user's Manage page, where they can review and monitor the agreement as it progresses.

  • You cannot unshare an agreement.
  • Agreements can only be shared when in the following Status:
    • In-progress
    • Waiting for you
    • Completed
  • The Share persists even if you hide the transaction in your Manage page view.
  • If you attempt to share an agreement to an email that is already a participant to that agreement, an error message is generated indicating that one or more sharees is already a participant to the agreement and therefore cannot be shared to.

To share an individual agreement:

  1. As the sender of the agreement, go to the Manage page and select the agreement you want to share.

    This exposes the Actions rail on the right side of the window.

  2. Select the Share action.

  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to share the agreement with.

    Add an optional message to be included in the notification email.

    Click the Share button.

    Share agreement

    A success message is delivered after the share is completed:

    Success message

Upon sharing an agreement:

  • The recipient is emailed a PDF of the agreement in its current state.
  • The agreement view on the Manage page is updated to show the list of parties the agreement has been shared with.
  • The Activity record and Audit Report are updated with the record of the share(s).  
  • The Share action displays a number that reflects the total number of times the agreement has been shared (internally and externally). 
Completed share records


External recipients of a share are recorded with only their email address.

Internal recipients display their profile name as well as their email address.

Sharing an agreement with an external email address

An external email address is defined as any email not within your own Adobe Acrobat Sign account. This may include other people in your company that are either in a different Acrobat Sign account or that don't have an account at all.

  • The number of times you can share an agreement with external email addresses is limited based on the tier of service the sharer is in:
    • Trial tiers: 5
    • Individual tier: 10
    • Small business tier: 10
    • Business tier: 20
    • Enterprise tier: 20
  • The total number of shares to external email addresses is per agreement.
  • Sharing an agreement with internal users is unrestricted and does not count against the total number of shares to external addresses.
  • An error is triggered when an agreement has reached its maximum number of external shares:
Too many shares error

Sharing an agreement with an internal user

When an agreement is shared with an internal email address (any email addresses within your own Acrobat Sign account), the agreement is populated on that user's Manage page (in addition to the emailed PDF copy). This grants real-time access to the transaction for the purpose of review.

Light grey text under the agreement title indicates to the user that the agreement is a shared transaction.

Shared by in the manage page

The Manage page view of a shared agreement provides read-only access. No authority to edit or cancel the agreement is imparted via the sharing of an individual agreement.

The shared-to user has the authority to:

  • Open and review the agreement in its current state.
  • Download a PDF of the agreement in its current state.
  • Download the Audit Report in its current state.
  • Hide the agreement from their Manage page view.
  • Share the agreement with other parties.
  • Add their own personal notes.
  • Review the recipient(s) with regard to the recipient roles and authentication method.
  • Access the Activity record.

The shared-to user may not alter the transaction to change the status, documents, recipients, or authentication methods. The only meaningful authority a shared-to user has is to further share the agreement.

Sharing with an internal user does not impact the limit applied to external shares.

Shared-to users Manage page


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