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Known issues in Bridge

Learn about the known issues and limitations in the latest release of Bridge.

March 2024 release (version 14.0.3)



Video and audio workflows require AVX2 support and isn't available on Intel® 3rd Generation processors or older (as well as older AMD processors).

  • Ensure that the machines meet Adobe Bridge system requirements, specifically minimum processor specifications.
  • To enable video and audio workflows on this machine, you may continue using Bridge 14.0.2 or an earlier version.

macOS Sonoma 14.2.0 (Sonoma) issues

Apple released macOS 14.2.0 on December 11, 2023. This update impacts ingestion and marketplace plugin load workflows.
This issue includes:

  • Import from the camera and iPhone through Adobe Photo Downloader or Image Capture (when launched from Bridge)
  • Loading of a few marketplace plugins

View Bridge and macOS Sonoma for a workaround.

September 2023 release (version 14.0)

  • Missing 'Tools > Photoshop' after Photoshop Beta Install.
  • The shared cache management feature isn't available in Bridge versions 13.x and 14.0.
  • Some scripts based on Bridge SDK may not work with the Secondary Window.
  • Duplicate files appear on compressing for a few specific languages (JP, KR, TR, HU). Refresh will resolve the issue.

January 2023 release (version 13.0.2)



Adobe Bridge crashes when previewing files in preview or full-screen mode on systems with NVIDIA graphic cards.

Follow the troubleshooting instructions on Adobe Bridge crashes when previewing files.


October 2022 release (version 13.0)

  • The shared cache management feature is not available in Bridge version 13.0.
  • You can now create multiple content panels, instead of creating multiple windows. 
  • The tab key used to expand the content panel is now reserved for Keyboard accessibility. To expand the content panel, do one of the following:
    • Click the accent key (`) to expand the panel. Hover your mouse over the panel you want to maximize and toggle back to normal view by pressing the accent key (`). 

    • Use Shift + Accent key (`) to maximize any 'selected' Panels

  • Auto stack/Panorama and Process collections in Photoshop are not available on Mac ARM. To use this feature, run Bridge in Rosetta mode.
  • If you experience any issue/crash in browsing folders via Pathbar (folder cruising), use Folders panel or Content panel.
  • There are changes to a few APIs in Bridge SDK. If you're facing any issues with scripting in Bridge, refer to this document.

October 2022 release (version 12.0)



Few removable devices are not detected by Adobe Photo Downloader(APD) to import photos in Bridge.

Update the Bridge version to 13.0, available via the Creative Cloud Desktop App. 


For more, see Bridge and macOS Ventura.

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