Experience Adobe MAX in the Creative Cloud mobile app
Learn how you can experience Adobe MAX in the Creative Cloud mobile app.

What you can do with the MAX tab in Creative Cloud mobile app

The MAX tab in the Creative Cloud mobile app lets you attend live sessions and stream MAX content, view your schedule, get to know your speakers, and much more. To get started, select Sessions (or Live events and sessions) in the MAX tab.

Creative Cloud mobile app Max sessions screen

A - Access live events and sessions

Get to know about all the sessions, keynotes, sneaks, and labs planned for MAX. Then add them to your device calendar or mark them as a favorite.

B - Access your Favorites (iOS only)

Access your favorite sessions under Favorites. Your favorites also get synced to the web. 

C - View your schedule (iOS only)

View the sessions you scheduled on the MAX website.

D - Filter sessions

Filter the content you want to access based on region, type of session, products, your technical level, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register

To register, go to the Max registration website. Registration will remain open through the end of Adobe MAX.

What's needed to register

MAX registration requires an Adobe ID. When registering, use the email associated with your Creative Cloud account. If you don’t have an account, you can set up one during registration. 

Can I use a school or enterprise account to register?

Adobe MAX is open to everyone regardless of what type of account you have. For any issues with MAX registration, contact Event Support at maxsupport@adobe-events.com

iOS mobile devices

If your scheduled sessions aren’t listed in the mobile app, it's likely that you registered for MAX using one email but signed into the Creative Cloud mobile app with a different email. For example, you registered for MAX with your work email, but signed in to the mobile app with your personal email.

Android mobile devices

Find your sessions on the MAX website.

Schedules and favorites that you save on the Adobe MAX website are not shown in the Creative Cloud mobile app on Android. To view or modify your schedule, go to the MAX website.

After the event takes place live, you can watch that session on demand with translated captions.

 Session titles and descriptions are only available in English and Japanese.

You can add session reminders to your device calendar. Simply select a session and tap Add Calendar reminder.

 On Android devices, reminders are added to your Google calendar and may take up to five minutes to appear.

While you cannot watch a session before the scheduled time, you can watch sessions anytime on-demand during and after the scheduled time. Some sessions, with notable speakers and celebrities, may not be available after MAX concludes.

 Don't see your question? See the MAX FAQ.