What's new for Director 12

Director 12 Update 1 (MAC)

  • PVR Texture Compression: extends support for Apple’s PVR texture compression (PVRTC) format for movies & games created in Director. PVRTC is a compressed texture that is used across all generations of iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad devices.
  • High Resolution Retina Display: support for High Resolution Retina Display  for Movies or games created using Director. Default Retina mode publish to iOS devices supporting Retina Display.
  • Game Center: Supports Apple Game Center for effective social-gaming, enabling Leaderboard & Achievements notifications etc.
  • In-app purchase: extends support for the iOS Store Kit, enabling easy purchase of virtual goods and subscriptions directly from within the app, by users.
  • iAds Manager Xtra support: Enables interactive and animated display of relevant banner ads from the Apple iAds server.

Publishing to iOS devices using Director 12

You can now publish Adobe Director movies for the Apple iOS platform. The Publishing dialog box contains new options (iOS Projector option and iOS tab) that lets you create an application that can run on the iOS platform. For more information, see Publishing to iOS devices.

New Textures in Director 12

Adobe Director 12 introduces new and exciting Textures that allow you to enhance Director movies by producing rich content. For more information, see New textures in Director 12.

New Shaders in Director 12

Adobe Director 12 introduces new and exciting Shaders that allow you to enhance Director movies by producing rich content. For more information, see New Shaders in Director 12

Post-processing Effects

Post processing effects are applied after the scene has been rendered to provide a particular effect to the entire scene. These effects can also be chained together in a list to produce more complex final scenes. This is similar to the way 2D bitmap filters can be applied one after the other to the same sprite/image using filterList.


Adobe Director 12 and Shockwave player 12 provides support for Anaglyph Stereoscopy(Red-Cyan).

To experience this effect, end-users have to view the movies with a pair of red-cyan glasses.

You can enable stereoscopy and also set the parallax difference for stereoscopy from using the Lingo script/JavaScript.

Shockwave player 12 converts any existing Shockwave 3D content to Stereoscopic mode at runtime, without any scripting effort.

Enabling Stereoscopic mode in Adobe Director

 _movie.stereoscopyParallaxDiff=20 --set parallax for stereoscopy

_movie.stereoscopyParallaxDiff=0 --disable stereoscopy (default)

The recommended parallax value is 0.1 to 100 depending on the movie. A parallax value of 0 will disable stereoscopy.

Enabling Stereoscopic mode from Shockwave

Stereoscopy can be enabled from the context menu. The slider can be used to adjust the parallax difference.

For games that have context menu disabled, the end-user can use the combination of following keys:

"Ctrl"+"Alt"+"T" - Toggle Stereoscopy.

"Ctrl"+"Alt"+"Page Up"/

"Ctrl"+"Alt"+"Page Down" - adjust parallax difference.

The end-user has the option of enabling/disabling stereoscopic mode.  Preferences and settings specified by the end user overrides the stereoscopy settings specified in the source (using Lingo or JavaScript).

Support for Flash Player 11

You will now be able to play the content created with Flash Professional 11 and below. Also, you will now be able to play the Flash3D content in Adobe Director.


  • Flash3D can be played only under Software renderer mode on Mac/Windows.
  • Flash Player 11 is not supported for iOS.

Code Hints

With Adobe Director 12, you get code hints that help you reduce the scripting time. As you type lingo/Javascript code , the script window will automatically suggest lingo/Javascript keywords/methods. The suggestions will be in form of a list. The keywords can be selected from the suggested list using "Enter key" or by double-clicking the keyword/methods.

All the Lingo/javascript methods/properties and the user defined methods will be covered with the Code hinting feature.

Code hints are enabled by default, and you can choose to disable it by navigating to:

(Windows) Edit Menu -> Preferences -> Script -> Uncheck ‘Enable Code Hinting’

(Mac) Director Menu -> Preferences -> Script -> Uncheck ‘Enable Code Hinting’


  • The Code Hint feature will not be present in message windows.
  • You need to type at least two characters to get code hints in the scripting window.

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