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Why can’t I see my cloud documents offline?

Occasionally you don’t see a document listed when you want to work offline. Find out the most common reasons a cloud document might not be available offline.

Why can't I see my cloud documents when I'm offline?

The document was not opened recently before you went offline

Before you can use a document offline, ensure that you open it and the cloud icon is not displayed next to it.


Adobe XD does not display the cloud icon.

The cloud document is available offline
A cloud icon appears next to the documents that can't be opened offline.


In Adobe Fresco, you can make a document available offline without having to open it. Tap the More options icon  on the cloud document thumbnail, and select Make available offline

You are trying to open the cloud document on a different device

Before you go offline, always open the cloud document on the device and in the app in which you want to work offline. 

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