Here’s what to do when you can’t sign in to Creative Cloud apps, you’re unexpectedly signed out of Creative Cloud, or you’re required to sign in multiple times.


  1. Click the Creative Cloud desktop icon  in the taskbar (Windows) or Apple menu bar (macOS), to open Creative Cloud desktop app.

  2. In your profile menu, click Sign out.

  3. Sign in again to your Adobe account.

  4. If you aren’t using the latest version of the Creative Cloud desktop app, a prompt to update appears. Click Update.

If you’re using Internet Explorer on a Windows system, you may have a network issue. Setting auto-detection of LAN settings may solve them.

  1. Quit the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  2. In Internet Explorer, choose Settings, then Internet Options.

  3. In the Connection panel, click LAN settings.

    LAN Settings
  4. Select the Automatically detect settings option, and deselect the Use automatic configuration script, and Use a proxy server for your LAN options. Click OK.

    LAN Automatic Configuration
  5. Restart your computer, and then repeat steps 1 through 4 to ensure that the LAN settings changes were retained.

  6. Launch the Creative Cloud desktop app and sign in to your Adobe account.

The Creative Cloud desktop app manages your account information using the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service. If this service is not running, your sign-in credentials will become invalid after some time has passed. By ensuring that the winmgmt service is running, your desktop app sign-in will work continuously. 

For more information on how to start the WMI service, see the following Microsoft documentation: 

Starting and Stopping the WMI Service

Adobe apps must store and retrieve license information on your computer. Occasionally, an app is unable to store or retrieve this information because of issues in the license storage on your computer.
Follow these steps to resolve this issue.


  1. Go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access.

  2. In the upper-left corner, under Keychains, click login.

  3. Remove the following entries. To remove them, right-click and select Delete.
    • Adobe User Profile Info
    • Adobe User OS Info
    Keychain Access
  4. Relaunch the Creative Cloud desktop app.


  1. Open Services manager (press the Start key and type Services).

  2. In the list of Services, right-click on Credential Manager.

  3. Click Restart.

  4. Relaunch the Creative Cloud desktop app.

The Creative Cloud desktop app is critical for working with Adobe apps, but if you’re having problems installing apps because it has been corrupted, you should uninstall and reinstall it to fix the problem.

  1. Uninstall the Creative Cloud desktop app using the Creative Cloud desktop app uninstaller.