Photomerge Compose

The Photomerge Compose feature enables you to replace portions of an image. For example, can select a person from one photo and add the selection to another photograph. You need two images - a source and a destination. You can select an area, crop it from the source image, and then paste it into the destination image, and then adjust it for proportionality and color for the most natural outcome.


The functionality and interface of this feature have been enhanced in Photoshop Elements 14. The corresponding article for Photoshop Elements 14  and later is available at this link

  1. Select two photos in the Photo Bin, and then click Enhance > Photomerge > Photomerge compose.

    The Photomerge Compose work area

  2. Drag the image from which you want to move an object or person into the photo editing area. Then, click one of the Selection tools, make a selection, and then click Next.

    Note: Use the Selection Modes to refine selected areas.

    Select the object or person you want to extract from this photo

  3. The portion selected in the previous step is pasted on the image that you want to move the selection to. Use the mouse to move the selection around, and drag the coach marks to resize it to ensure that the pasted content is in proportion with the rest of the photo.

    Click Next.

    Note: You can also hide/reveal portions of the selection using the available brushes.

    Resize the pasted content to ensure it is in proportion with the rest of the image.

  4. Now adjust the tonal and color values of the pasted content to ensure it matches with the rest of the image. Try to get the most natural selection possible. To perform this in one step automatically, click Auto Match Color Tone.

    Click Done.

    Apply color correction to match the tonal and color characteristics of both images

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