Learn how to use the Premiere Pro Titler to enhance your titles with images or graphics.

Use the Titler to place images in a title, such as adding a logo graphic. You can either add the image as a graphic element or place it in a text box to become part of the text. The Titler accepts both bitmap images and vector-based artwork (such as art created with Adobe Illustrator). However, Premiere Pro rasterizes vector-based art, converting it to a bitmap version in the Titler. By default, an inserted image appears at its original size.

Place a graphic in a title

  1. Choose Title > Graphic > Insert Graphic.

  2. Drag the graphic to where you want it. If necessary, you can adjust the size, opacity, rotation, and scale of the graphic.


    Insert a graphic if you want the image to become part of the title file. If you want to use an image or moving video as a background only, superimpose the title over a clip of the image or video.

Place a graphic in a text box

  1. Using a type tool, click where you want to insert the graphic.

  2. Choose Title > Graphic > Insert Graphic Into Text.

Return a graphic to its original size or aspect ratio

  1. Select the logo and choose either Title > Graphic > Restore Graphic Size or Title > Graphic > Restore Graphic Aspect Ratio.

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