Create a library template

A library template is a reusable object. You can choose to create a form field Layer, which can be applied to any uploaded document or you can create a reusable document to share with the users in your account. As the library template creator, you can choose who has access to the template and you are the only one who can edit or delete the template.


Only the user that creates the template can edit the template, or adjust the Permission level.

Quick steps

  1. On the home page, click Add Template to Library.
  2. Name the template.
  3. Choose a document to use.
  4. Check Create as reusable document.
  5. Choose permissions.
  6. Click Preview or Add Fields.
  7. Places fields on the document.
  8. Click Save.


  1. To create a library template, click the Dashboard tab. Then, in the Additional Functions section, click Add Template to Library.

  2. Enter the name of your template into this field. If you do not explicitly enter a name for the template, the field will adopt the name of the first document added.

  3. Drag and drop your files into the Files section, or click the Add Files link at the upper-right corner of the Files field to browse your system.

  4. Configure the Template Type:

    • Reusable document - This option saves the full document, content and form fields
    • Reusable form field layer - This options saves just the form field layer to be applied to a different document (different content with the same layout)
    • Both - Both types of templates will be available


    At any time you can change the type of template by editing the template properties.

  5. Configure Who can use this template

    This setting will grant access to the template based on the uploading user:

    • Only me - This option will only make the template available to the uploading user
    • Any user in my group - Setting the template at the group level will create a logical association between the template and the group the uploading user is currently part of. All members of the group will have access to the template
      • Moving the user that uploaded the template to another group will not break this template - group association
    • Any user in my organization - Every user in the account will have access to use the template.


    In all cases, only the uploading user can edit or delete the template.

    Other users can manipulate the template after it has been applied to an Agreement by selecting Preview & Add Signature Fields during the send process.  This edits the properties of the template for the discrete agreement, and does not change the root template.

  6. Click Preview & Add Fields to send the template to the authoring environment 

  7. The Drag and Drop authoring environment opens. Drag fields from the right rail onto your document in the desired places.


    All fields placed are assigned to the first recipient by default. You can change who the placed fields are assigned to by accessing the Recipients drop-down list and changing the selected recipient.

  8. When you're done adding fields, click Save.

Tips from Support

  • If your template has many fields, save often! Clicking Save takes you back to the Manage page, but that's better than losing your work!
  • Intelligently naming the fields on your document could help you in the long run. If you plan on exporting the data your signers entered, naming the fields can keep this information organized and makes it far more readable.

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