Auto calculation of shooting time in a schedule

Use the document to learn about auto calculation of shooting time in a schedule


Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Story helps you time the strips and days in a schedule.

When you enter scene start time (S. Start) and scene duration (S. Dur.) for a strip, Story calculates and displays the following:

  1. The end time of the strip (S. End)

  2. Start time and end time of the subsequent strips in the schedule until a day's break

To rearrange the schedule, you can drag-and-drop the strips up and down. Use Shift+click to select continuous strips. Use Ctrl+click to select multiple, non contiguous strips.

Remove manual changes in the scene start time

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

By default, the start time (S. Start) of a strip is same as its previous strip's end time (S. End). You can manually change start time of a strip. To remove the manual changes, click Recalc.

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