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Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

Breaking down a script is the process of capturing production elements required for a scene in a breakdown sheet. In Adobe® Story, elements such as location, character, and dialog are used to generate breakdown reports. The automated generation of reports helps reduce manual effort and minimize errors.

Breakdown reports exported from Adobe Story are in the comma-separated values (CSV) format. Use a spreadsheet application that supports CSV, such as Microsoft Excel, to open the CSV file.

You can generate customized reports for various members of the crew from the CSV file using the spreadsheet application. For example, a report containing actors, scene numbers, and dialogues required for a shot help production personnel plan effectively. Actors can be provided with a list of scenes that require their presence, and the dialogues for those scenes.

The following reports can be generated in Adobe Story.

Report Name

Elements in the report


Scene number, Scene heading, Location, Time of day, Setting, Scene duration, Page number, Characters


Location, Scene number, Shot number, Setting, Time of day, Scene duration, Shot duration, Characters, Page Numbers


Character, Scene number, Scene heading, Dialog


Character, Total Dialogs, Speaking scenes (total)


Elements, Number of occurrences (of the element), Total scenes, Total words, Total pages


Comment number, Comment, Commenter, Scene number, Page number


Shot number, Scene number, Setting, Location, Shot type, Camera number, Camera movement, Shot duration (in secs), Time of day, Character, Page number.


Tag occurrences, Tags, Page Number, Scene Number, Tagged Item, Scene Heading.

Custom report

Select elements that you want captured in your report.

Create breakdown reports

Available for: Adobe Story Plus


Scene numbers, shot numbers, and shot duration are displayed only if you have enabled them in your script.

  1. Select Production > Breakdown Reports.

  2. Select the type of report you want to generate from the menu.

  3. Save the report to a location on your computer.

For tracked documents, Adobe Story uses the Show As Final mode when generating breakdown reports.

Create custom breakdown reports

Available for: Adobe Story Plus

You can create a custom report by selecting elements you want listed in your report. Apart from elements, you can also choose special items such as tags, page number, and word count. The word count corresponds to the total number of words in the document.

  1. Select Production > Breakdown Reports > Custom Report.

  2. In the Custom Breakdown Report dialog, select the items that you want to capture in the report.

  3. Click Create.

If you select Split Scene Heading, Adobe Story captures the three parts of a scene heading (INT/EXT, Location, Time of Day) as separate Adobe Columns in the report.

If you select Shot duration, two columns corresponding to Shot duration and Running time are created in the report.

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