Get started with Ink & Slide

Get started with Ink & Slide

Draw with Adobe Ink, a fine-tip, pressure-sensitive pen, and its partner device, Adobe Slide, a digital ruler for drawing precise shapes and lines. (Watch, 7 min)

FromKendall Plant

Just received Ink & Slide? Here’s how to get started.

See what's in the box.

First, make sure you have the right iPad. After that, unpack the box and learn how to set up Ink to work with your iPad and connect to your Creative Cloud account.

What you'll need (00:36); Charge Ink (1:18); Get to know Slide (1:45); Connect Ink (2:00); Set up Ink (2:32)

Get started drawing with Ink & Slide.

Draw free form with the pressure-sensitive pen, Ink. Create precise lines, curves, and perspective drawings with the digital ruler, Slide. Ink connects to your Creative Cloud account, so you can take your drawings and color themes with you wherever you go. Draw and sketch with Adobe mobile apps Line and Sketch which were built to work with Ink and Slide.

Copy to Cloud Clipboard (1:09); Draw freeform with Ink (1:34); Draw with Slide (1:54); Trace packs (2:40); Stamp packs (3:15)

Kendall Plant

Kendall is a User Experience Designer at Adobe.