Present financial data in a visually compelling, easy to read format using a customizable animated business chart template.

Find a template on Adobe Stock

Search for an infographic template on Adobe Stock.

On, use the top navigation menu to click Videos. On the video landing page, click on the Motion Graphics Templates collection to see all motion graphics.

On the Motion Graphics collection page, narrow your results with the search term gradient infographic.

Make sure that Premiere Pro is selected in the filters on the left side of the screen.

License the selection and download it to your computer.

Note: You can also search for a template directly inside Premiere Pro. To do so, in the menu bar, choose Window > Workspaces > Graphics.

Find your Essential Graphics panel and click on the Browse tab. Below that, select the Adobe Stock icon button. Search for a template in the search box. In this example, we used the term travel map to find animated maps with customizable locator pins.

You can drag your cursor across the thumbnail of the infographic to see the animation. Once you find one you like, click the shopping cart icon in the lower right-hand corner of the thumbnail to license the infographic from right inside Premiere Pro.

Import the template

In the menu bar, choose Window > Workspaces > Graphics.

Find your Essential Graphics panel and click on the Browse tab. In the lower right corner of the panel, click the Plus button to import your downloaded motion graphic template.

Navigate to its location on your hard drive and select it.

Edit the template

You’ll find the template in the Essential Graphics panel under the My Templates tab.

Drag it into the Timeline for easy editing.

Customize your animated charts

Continue working inside the Essential Graphics panel: Window > Essential Graphics or Window > Workspaces > Graphics.

Note that in our example, there are over 30 editable parameters you can modify. We’ll focus first on the text label and data fields.

  • Title Text
    • Title Text: Company Sales
    • X Position: -163
  • Subtitle Text
    • Subtitle Text: Last Year – In Millions of Dollars
    • X Position: 132
    • Y Position: -300
  • Bar 1 Value: 10
  • Bar 3 Value: 20
  • Bar 4 Value: 28
  • Bar 5 Value: 30
  • Bar 6 Value: 55
  • Bar 7 Value: 32
  • Bar 8 Value: 42
  • Bar 9 Value: 58
  • Bar 10 Value: 64
  • Bar 11 Value: 74
  • Bar 12 Value: 90

Duplicate the template

Now that you’ve got the first data set entered, if you’d like to use an additional chart from the same template, simply duplicate it on your Timeline and modify accordingly.

Not all infographics have multiple versions, but many do (this template has four different variations). We made the following changes in our example:

  • Chart Style
    • Choose Style: 4
  • Chart Properties
    • Amount of Values in Chart: 4
    • Distance Between Bars: 741
  • Chart Transform Controls
    • Y Position: 38
  • Percentage Values
    • Percentage Value Checkbox: Checked
    • X Position: 98
    • Y Position: 236
    • Value Ring Scale: 92
  • Title Text
    • Title Text: Market Segments
    • X Position: -216
  • Subtitle Text
    • Subtitle Text: Percentage of total sales
    • X Position: -68
    • Y Position: 20
  • Bar 1
    • Value: 20
    • Edit Name: Womenswear
  • Bar 2
    • Value: 20
    • Edit Name: Menswear
  • Bar 3
    • Value: 10
    • Edit Name: Accessories
  • Bar 4
    • Value: 3
    • Edit Name: Footwear
  • Bar 5
    • Value: 2
    • Edit Name: Hardgoods

Edit in any additional clips

Edit in any additional media you need for your edit.

In our example, this motion graphic will be used in a presentation to an executive, so we’re isolating the infographics on their own timeline.


Use a Premiere Pro preset to export for inclusion in your next presentation.

You've quickly presented complex data that's visually appealing in a simplified manner to help your audience retain and digest information more easily.

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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