Add a #vanlife vibe to your video clips with Adobe Stock footage and Premiere Pro’s Lumetri Color panel. Automatically match colors in your video clips for the perfect vintage feel.

Search on Adobe Stock

On Adobe Stock, search for video clips or images you want to use by entering keywords in the search bar that describe how you want the final look of your video to feel. We used “vintage desert road trip” and “camper van” in our retro-inspired tutorial.

When you find the video clips or images you want to use, click the heart in the upper right-hand corner of each video clip and image to save them to one of your Creative Cloud Libraries. We named our library #Vanlife.

Import and license your clips using watermarked versions

If you want to preview the tone of a video without purchasing the clips immediately, you can easily import watermarked versions from Adobe Stock into Premiere Pro. Start by accessing the watermarked asset in Premiere Pro by simply dragging the watermarked Stock asset from the Libraries panel to your project. 

  • In Premiere’s Editing workspace, choose Window > Libraries to reveal your saved clips
  • Use the dropdown menu in your Library panel to choose the custom Creative Cloud Library you created for this project – in this case, #Vanlife

Choose the file you want to import. Right-click on the file and click Add to project.

Edit and License your clips right in Premiere Pro

Now that your edit is set, it’s a great time to license your clips. This can be done directly inside Premiere Pro: right-click on each Adobe Stock clip in your Library Panel, choose License Video, and follow the prompts.

Your watermarked clips will automatically be replaced with full, clean, HD or 4K versions in your bin and directly in your timeline so you can continue your work seamlessly.

Easily color match your clips

Use the Lumetri Color Panel in Premiere Pro to ensure your video has a consistent look and feel throughout by color-correcting and balancing each of the clips. 

To do this, switch to your Color workspace in Premiere Pro by selecting Window > Workspace > Color or by clicking on Color if your Workspaces are visible at the top of your main window. 

Once you’re in the Lumetri Color Panel, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of controls. 

  1. Park your playhead over a frame in your timeline that you’d like to color-correct.
  2. Click the tab in the Lumetri panel labeled Color Wheels & Match.
  3. Click the button for Comparison View.

Notice that your Program Monitor now shows two images. The target frame you’re color-correcting is on the right, and the video source for your color-correction is on the left.

Use the slider to choose a frame from the video on the left that you’d like to match, then click the Apply Match button and let Lumetri do its work.

Add a vintage film look to match

Place your Adobe Stock 16mm film clip on a video track above your camper van clip. Resize it to fit your image, and make sure it’s selected on your timeline. 

In your Effect Controls panel:

  1. Open your Opacity tab and change the Blend Mode to Multiply
  2. Use the Lumetri Color panel to select the Curves tab. Create an S-curve in order to darken the shadows and brighten the highlights.
  3. In the search bar of the Effects Controls panel, type Blur. Select Gaussian Blur and drag the effect to your 16mm film clip on video track 2.
  4. Drop the same Gaussian Blur filter on your Camper Van clip on video track 1. Increase the blurriness and check the box Repeat Edge Pixels until you achieve the look you want.
  5. Search the Effects Controls panel for an Adobe Premiere Pro filter called Dust & Scratches. Drop this on your Camper Van clip to add a few more film scratches to the overall look. 

Play your timeline to see if your Camper Van clip now closely matches your vintage film driving shot.

Fine tune the film look

Set the 16mm clip blend mode to Multiply, and add a Dust & Scratches filter to your video.

Export for web

Select File > Export > Media… to prep your sequence for export.

In the Export window, under Format, choose H.264, and under Preset, choose VimeoHD or YouTube 1080p Full HD.

Click on the output name string of text to choose a destination folder for your video.

You now have the perfect vintage-inspired #Vanlife video to share across all of your social channels or however you want to show it off!

Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more vintage-inspired videos you can use in your next project.

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