Create an original flat lay composition with Photoshop lighting techniques and images from Adobe Stock.

Find images to add to a photo composite

Search for items that relate to your subject matter with a top-down view and a similar light source.

A search results screen in Adobe Stock after searching for pomegranates with the isolation filter enabled.

Quickly create masks with unique masking tools

Use the Object Selection Tool in Photoshop to quickly mask and isolate interesting areas of the image.

Image of pomegranate pieces imported, rotated and positioned over top of a bowl image in Photoshop.

Adjust the exposure to match the lighting

Add an Exposure Adjustment Layer above the masked artwork and set it to be a Clipping Mask.

Adjust the lighting values and of the pieces of pomegranate by using an exposure adjustment layer in Adobe Photoshop.

Create some highlights and shadows

Paint black on the Adjustment Layer mask to create light areas, then add a Drop Shadow to match other elements in the image. Export the composite to a JPG file and save it to your Creative Cloud files.

Add a drop shadow effect to the pomegranate pieces in order to match the shadows of the other fruit pieces in the image.

Apply the composite to your web page

Click the photo button in Spark Page to add your new composite to the title area of your online article.

Add the final image to an Adobe Spark web page using the import from Adobe Creative Cloud feature.

The final result

Now you have an original flat lay composition that sets the proper tone for the online article.

To Top view of a dark tabletop with figs, grapes and half of a pomegranate with pieces of it on a dark stoneware plate with napkin.


Check out this curated collection from Adobe Stock with more images that you can use in your next project.


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