Uninstall Adobe Connect server

Know how to uninstall your existing Adobe Connect, AEM Author, AEM Publish, Edge server, and Adobe Media Gateway servers.

To uninstall Adobe Connect, run the uninstaller and remove the various components. Read the article to know how to uninstall different components bundled with Adobe Connect.

Uninstall Adobe Connect and AEM

Adobe Connect, AEM Author, and AEM Publish servers can be uninstalled by following the below steps. Uninstalling Adobe Connect does not uninstall SQL Server and user-generated data such as, log files and content folders.

  1. Select Start > Programs > Adobe Connect Server  > Uninstall Adobe Connect Server.


    If you want to keep the content, back up the content files before you delete the root folder (in the following step). For information about backing up Adobe Connect data, see Back up files. For information about backing up AEM servers, see Backup AEM repository.

  2. Delete the root Adobe Connect folder. By default, the location is C:\Connect. This folder contains the following folders: <latest_Connect_release>, logs, and content. The Adobe_Connect_Install.log file is located in the <latest_Connect_release> folder.

  3. (Optional) Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server. For information, see http://msdn.microsoft.com.

Uninstalling Adobe Connect Edge Server

Log in using the system administrator account that is running the services. Manually stop and delete the services named AdobeConnectEdgeServer and AdobeConnectEdgeServerAdmin. Delete the Edge Server files from C:\Program Files\.


If you are upgrading the server, do not uninstall the Edge Server. Instead, run the installer.

Uninstalling Adobe Media Gateway

Adobe Media Gateway uninstalls when you uninstall Adobe Connect. You can also run the following program to uninstall Adobe Media Gateway: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Gateway\Uninstall_Flash Media Gateway\Uninstall Adobe Media Gateway.exe.


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