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VIP program guide: Renewals

Renewing licenses is a smooth process for your organization’s VIP Admins, who are notified via the Admin Console and by email as the Anniversary Date approaches. When renewing, there’s a lot of flexibility: you can change products, make partial renewals, and adjust your license quantity.

Renewing licenses

All licenses purchased through VIP must be renewed by the Anniversary Date each year in order for your organization to continue using the products. Contact Adobe or your Reseller to place a renewal order. Any licenses for which no renewal order has been placed will be removed.

Renewing period

Renewal orders can be placed 30 days prior to the Anniversary Date and are due on the Anniversary Date. During this time, you may place your renewal orders through Adobe or your Reseller.

Renewing notification

VIP Admins will begin receiving email notifications from Adobe at the following intervals:

  • 30 days prior to the Anniversary Date (time to renew)
  • On the Anniversary Date (renewal past due)
  • If no purchase order is processed, customer will be notified before access to their software is removed.

Renewing all licenses

VIP Members who wish to renew all of their existing licenses should contact Adobe or their Reseller to obtain a quote for all of the organization’s or institution's licenses due for renewal. No additional action is required in the Admin Console.

When the VIP Admin logs into the Admin Console, an alert will appear notifying the Admin of the approaching Anniversary Date with the suggestion to contact Adobe or the Reseller to place a renewal order.

Changing products at the Anniversary date

If you wish to change products at the time of the Anniversary Date, you may do so when placing a renewal order with Adobe or your Reseller. After the order has been processed by Adobe, you must:

  1. Use the Admin Console to designate which users of the existing product(s) to you wish to deprovision.
  2. Assign licenses within the Admin Console for any new products added.

Partial renewal

If you wish to renew only some of your licenses during a renewal period, you will need to contact Adobe or your Reseller to place your order. The VIP Admin must select the licenses to be removed in the Admin Console within 30 days of the Anniversary Date. If you do not select which licenses to remove, Adobe will automatically remove licenses based on the following:

  • Licenses that have never been assigned
  • The most recently assigned licenses

Expiration of licenses

Licenses not renewed by the Anniversary Date are considered expired and will be removed from the account.

To reactivate licenses after they have been removed from the Admin Console, a new order must be placed. The VIP Admin will then re-assign the license to the end-user, who must then re-sync their storage from

Removing licenses

If you do not renew your licenses, Adobe will automatically remove licenses within 31 days past due, in the following order until the appropriate number of licenses is reached:

  • Licenses that have never been assigned
  • The most recently assigned licenses.


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